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Start Date:2007-06
Location:Charlottesville, VA
People:Zhao, Jun-Hui
Kent, Brian
Crane, Patrick
Jewell, Philip
Ojha, Roopesh
Willis, Tony
Bradley, Richard
Terzian, Yervant
Balser, Dana
Wilson, Thomas
Boboltz, David
Miller, Neal
Sandqvist, Aage
Moran, James M.
Rickard, Lee J
Myers, Steven
Lo, Fred
Demerest, Paul
Jacoby, Bryan
Kulkarni, Shrinivas
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia and Lectures Unit
Subunit:50th Anniversary Symposium Subunit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Digital photograph
Subject:Events--50th Anniversary Symposium
Description:NRAO Director Fred Lo with some of the meeting attendees who had been students in one or more of NRAO's educational programs. Left to right: Jun-Hui Zhao, Brian Kent, Pat Crane, Phil Jewell, Roopesh Ojha, Tony Willis, Rich Bradley, Yervant Terzian, Dana Balser, Tom Wilson, David Boboltz, Neal Miller, Sandy Sandqvist, Jim Moran, Lee J Rickard, Steve Myers, Fred Lo, Paul Demerest, Bryan Jacoby, Shri Kulkarni [show more]
Start Date:2000
Location:Socorro, NM
People:Murphy, Nate
Ostrowski, Terese
Teng, Stacy
Zauderer, Ashley
Verheijen, Marc
Lubin, Lori
Clarke, Tracy
Becker, Kate
Clarke, Melanie
Roos, Marti
Woodruff, Tim
Fassnacht, Chris
Fallon, Mike
Lang, Cornelia
Petric, Andreea
Golap, Kumar
Mellon, Rick
Bower, Geoffrey
Miller, Neal
Anderson, James
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Student Programs Series
Unit:Summer Student Programs Unit
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Digital photograph
Description:This "mad hats" photo, taken in summer 2000, includes Socorro REU students, some of their advisers, and others. Left to right: row 1, kneeling: Nate Murphy - REU, Terese Ostrowski - REU, Stacy Teng - REU, Ashley Zauderer - REU, Marc Verheijen - Jansky Fellow. Row 2, immediately behind kneeling row: Lori Lubin - Chris Fassnacht's wife, Tracy Clarke - Jansky Fellow and co-leader of the 2000 REU program, Kate Becker - REU, Melanie Clarke - REU. Row 3, standing: Marti Roos - wife of Jansky Fellow Marc Verheijen, Tim Woodruff(?) - REU, Nathan ? - New Mexico Tech undergrad, Chris Fassnacht - Jansky Fellow and co-leader of the 2000 REU program, Mike Fallon - husband of NRAO pre-doc Cornelia Lang, Cornelia Lang - NRAO pre-doc, Andreea Petric - a NRAO pre-doc, Kumar Golap - NRAO/NM staff, Rick Mellon - REU, Geoff Bower - Jansky Fellow, Dave ? - Socorro resident. Row 4: Neal Miller - NRAO pre-doc, James Anderson - NM Tech grad student. [show more]