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Start Date:1933-06-06
Location:Holmdel, NJ
People:Crawford, Art
Feldman, Karl
Reed, Sam E.
Johlfs, Joe
Lowry, Lewis R.
Ohl, Russell
Mumford, Bill
Jansky, Karl G.
Sharpless, Merlin
King, Archie
Bruce, Edmund
Beck, Al C.
Englund, Carl R.
Friis, Harald T.
Ring, Douglas
Larsen, Otto
Clauson, Carl
Morrell, Morris
Peterson, Carl
Collins, Maurice
Schenk, Dan
Morrell, Jim
Creator:Papers of Karl G. Jansky
Series:Photographs Series
Type:Still Image
Description:Karl G. Jansky (1905-1950) discovered radio waves emanating from the Milky Way while he was investigating trans-Atlantic radiotelephone interference for Bell Laboratories between 1928-1933. In this photo from the early 1930s, members of the Bell Labs Radio Research Division pose on the front lawn of the Holmdel NJ Bell Labs building. Shown in the first row from left to right: Art Crawford, Carl Feldman, Sam Reed, Joe Johlfs, Lewis Lowery, Russell Ohl, Bill Mumford, Karl Jansky, Merlin Sharpless, Archie King, Edmund Bruce, and Al Beck. In the second row are Carl Englund, Harald Friis, Douglas Ring, Otto Larsen, Carl Clauson, Morris Morrell, Carl Peterson, Maurice Collins, Dan Schenk, and Jim Morrell. [show more]