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First Announcement:

                           GAS AND GALAXY EVOLUTION:
            A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
                                Socorro, NM  USA
                                 21-24 May 2000

In celebration of 20 years of VLA observations, NRAO and New Mexico Tech are
jointly sponsoring a conference in Socorro, New Mexico, on 21-24 May 2000.  The
theme is the role of gas in galaxy evolution, concentrating on the interplay 
between galaxies and their environments, with some emphasis on HI imaging. 
Questions we hope to address include:  What are the residual signatures of
the formation process around galaxies?  Do galaxies evolve along the Hubble 
sequence?  If so, how, and in what direction? Do mergers really convert 
spirals to ellipticals?  Can continuing accretion `grow' dynamically-cold
disks into the present?  What can we learn about the history and fate of
galaxies from the structure of their gaseous envelopes?  We would like to 
confront the vast range of current observations with theoretical predictions 
and interpretations, and to map out new directions for the future.  The
conference will conclude with a celebration of the twentieth anniversary
of the VLA, held at the VLA site. 

The registration fee will be around $175, which includes a book of the
conference proceedings and all-you-can-eat sopaipillas.  We especially
encourage recent graduates to attend!

Current information on the meeting will be maintained on the Web at


Please pre-register using the Web form accessible from that page
(preferably), or the ASCII form at the bottom of this email, if you would 
like to be kept on this mailing list.  We anticipate a second mailing in 

A preliminary list of topics is as follows:

  I.   Gas content as a function of z, in the context of large scale structure

  II. Galaxy formation and High redshift Galaxies

  III. Nearby Galaxies in (Trans)formation
  IV.  Nearby Galaxies
       A. Stable long lived structures or continually evolving?
       B. Dark matter aspects of HI work  
  V.   The Influence of Galaxies on Their Surroundings

  VI.  Environmental Effects on the Gas in Galaxies

  VII. Outstanding Questions and Future Instruments

  VIII. Summary

The SOC consists of
     Jacqueline van Gorkom, chair (Columbia Univ.)
     James Binney (Oxford) 
     Julianne Dalcanton (Univ. of Washington) 
     Ron Ekers (CSIRO) 
     Ken Freeman (ANU) 
     John Hibbard (NRAO/CV) 
     Michael Rupen (NRAO/Socorro) 
     Renzo Sancisi (Bologna) 
     Francois Schweizer (Carnegie Institute) 
     Linda Sparke (Univ. of Wisconsin) 
     David Westpfahl (New Mexico Tech) 
     Ann Zabludoff (Univ. of Arizona) 

We look forward to seeing you!

          -- Michael Rupen, on behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee

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