Gas and Galaxy Evolution

Registered Participants

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Even invited speakers, NRAO staff, and LOC/SOC members must register -- we still need to know things like the number of guests you would like to bring to the banquet, whether you're coming to the VLA 20th Anniversary celebration, and so forth.

Allen, Ron (STScI) Cold Molecular Gas, PDRs and the Origin of HI in Galaxies
Anderson, James (NMIMT/USGS)  
Baker, Andrew (MPE) Molecular Gas Kinematics in Nearby Active Galaxies
Barnes, Josh (IfA) Gas Dynamics in Galaxy Mergers
Barnes, Peter (NRAO/Socorro)  
Begelman, Mitchell (JILA, University of Colorado)  
Beijersbergen, Marco (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) Radial U band Luminosity Functions in Coma
Binney, James (Oxford University)  
Bland-Hawthorn, Joss (Anglo-Australian Observatory) The Galactic Halo Ionizing Field; &
Detecting Dark Matter in High Velocity Clouds
Blitz, Leo (Univ. of California/Berkeley)  
Blundell, Katherine (Oxford University)  
Borne, Kirk (Goddard Space Flight Center) The Ultra-Luminous IR Galaxy Population
Bower, Richard (University of Durham) The Impact of Galaxy Formation on the X-ray Evolution of Clusters
Braun, Robert (NFRA) Compact High-Velocity Clouds in the Local Group and the NGC 628 Group
Bravo-Alfaro, Hector (Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico) The Dynamics of Coma from a VLA HI Survey; &
HI Distribution in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Briggs, Frank (University of Groningen) Prospects for Radio Detection of the Epoch of Reionization and the Very First Stars
Butler, Bryan (NRAO/Socorro)  
Buote, David (UC Santa Cruz) Oxygen Absorption in Cooling Flow Galaxies and Groups: Evidence for Warm Ionized Gas
Carignan, Claude (Université de Montréal) Dark Matter Distribution Laws
Carilli, Chris (NRAO/Socorro) High Redshift Radio Galaxies: Beacons to Biased Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Within Large Scale Structure (LSS)
Chandler, Claire (NRAO/Socorro)  
Chang, Tzu-Ching (Columbia University) A Search for HI in Spectroscopically Selected E+A Galaxies
Charlton, Jane (Penn State) QSO Absorption Line Constraints on Intragroup High Velocity Clouds
Chaves, Tara (Queen's University) Neutral Hydrogen in NGC 2613
Chen, Hsiao-Wen (Carnegie Observatories) Extended CIV Envelopes Around Galaxies at z<1
Chengalur, Jayaram N. (TIFR) GMRT Observations of HI in Absorption
Churchill, Chris (Penn State) Kinematics and Multiple Ionization Phases of Extended Gaseous Structures Around z~1 Galaxies
Clarke, Tracy (NRAO/Socorro) Intermediate Velocity Clouds -- Distances and Infall Models
Claussen, Mark (NRAO/Socorro)  
Clemens, Marcel (University of Cambridge) Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies: NGC 3395/6
Coil, Alison (UC-Berkeley)  
Collins, Joseph (University of New Mexico) The Ionization of, and Physical Conditions in Diffuse Ionized Gas Halos
Dalcanton, Julianne (Univ. of Washington)  
Daly, Ruth (Penn State University) Non-Eddington Limited Outflows From AGN
Darling, Jeremy (Cornell University) The Arecibo OH Megamaser Survey and the Galaxy Merger Rate
Dettmar, Ralf-Juergen (Ruhr-University Bochum) Tracers of the Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection in Spiral Galaxies
Disney, Mike (Cardiff University) The Emergence of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in Blind HI Surveys
Dole, Hervé (Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay) Galaxy Evolution as Seen from Space with ISO
Dubner, Gloria (IAFE)  
Duc, Pierre-Alain (CNRS/CEA-Saclay) HI Recycling: The Formation of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
Dwarakanath, K.S. (Raman Research Institute) GMRT HI Absorption Detection from the Unusual Galaxy in Abell 2125 (z=0.246)
Eder, Jo Ann (Arecibo Observatory) 21-cm Spectroscopy with the Upgraded Arecibo Telescope
Edge, Alastair (University of Durham) Molecular Gas in Cooling Flows - Detected at last!
Eilek, Jean (NMT)  
Ekers, Ron (ATNF)  
Englmaier, Peter (MPI) Gas Flow in the Antennae Galaxies NGC 4038/9
Evrard, Augustus (Univ. of Michigan) Intracluster Gas -- The Missing Baryons and Their Stories
Fall, Michael (STScI) [The Possible Fate of Gas in the Universe: Observational Evidence]
Fassnacht, Chris (NRAO/Socorro)  
Ferreras, Ignacio (NAPL, Oxford) Mass-to-Light Ratios and the Star Formation History of Cluster Early-type Galaxies
Fraternali, Filippo (University of Bologna) The HI Halo of NGC 2403
Freeman, Ken (Mt. Stromlo) Dark Matter, an HI Perspective
Gay, Pamela (University of Texas - Austin) The Tex0x Survey: Using Radio Signposts to Find Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Clusters
Georgakakis, Antonis (University of Birmingham) Cold gas and star formation in a merging galaxy sequence
Ghosh, Tapasi (Arecibo Observatory, NAIC) Neutral Hydrogen in Seyfert Galaxies - A test for the Unification Scheme
Gibson, Brad (University of Colorado) Do High-Velocity Clouds Really Fuel Galactic Star Formation?
Gilbank, David (University of Durham) Optical vs. X-ray Selection for Finding Clusters of Galaxies
Giovannini, Gabriele (Istituto di Radioastronomia/Bologna)  
Goss, Miller (NRAO/Socorro)  
Greisen, Eric (NRAO/Charlottesville)  
Green, Anne (Univ. of Sydney)  
Hameed, Salman (NMSU) The Role of Interactions in the Evolution of Early-type Spiral Galaxies
Haynes, Martha (Cornell) Kinematic Evidence for Minor Mergers in Isolated, Normal Sa Galaxies
Hearn, Nathan C. (Univ. of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign) Gas Flows and Shock Production in Impacted Disk Galaxies: Results from Numerical Simulations
Heckman, Timothy (Johns Hopkins University) [Galactic Outflows]
Hibbard, John (NRAO/Charlottesville)  
Higdon, James (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) The Neutral ISM and Starburst Triggering in Ring Galaxies
Hjellming, Robert M. (NRAO/Socorro)  
Hoffman, G. Lyle (Lafayette College) The Fine Structure of DDO 154
Hogg, Dave (NRAO/Charlottesville)  
Hopkins, Andrew (Univ. of Pittsburgh) Estimates of SFR density between 0.7<z<1.8
Huchtmeier, Walter (MPIfR) The HI Content of Galaxies in the IC342/Maffei Group
van der Hulst, Thijs (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) WHISP
Irwin, Judith (Queen's University, Canada) GMRT Observations of M 82 and NGC 3079
Katz, Neal (Univ. of Massachusetts/Amherst) Simulations of Galaxy Formation in Cold Dark Matter Models
Kaufman, Michele (Ohio State University) Effects of Grazing Encounters on Spiral Galaxies
Kemball, Athol (NRAO/Socorro)  
Kenney, Jeffrey (Yale Univ.) Environmental Effects on Gas and Star Formation in Virgo Cluster Spiral and Peculiar Galaxies
Kilborn, Virginia (The University of Melbourne) An Extragalactic HI Cloud with No Optical Counterpart
Kim, Sungeun (UIUC/CfA) Interstellar Environment in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Koribalski, Baerbal (ATNF) HIPASS Bright Galaxies Survey
Koski, Katrina (New Mexico Tech)  
Lamb, Susan (University of Illinois) Colliding Galaxies, Global Gas Flows, and Star Formation
Lane, Wendy (Kapteyn Astron. Inst./Univ. of Pittsburgh) HI 21cm Absorption at Moderate Redshifts
Lang, Cornelia (NRAO/UCLA)  
Lee, Siow-Wang (Astro. Dept., Univ. of Toronto) The Disk-Halo Interface of NGC 5775
Li, Yuexing (Columbia Univ.) The Multi-phase ISM of Elliptical Galaxy M86
Lim, Jeremy (Academia Sinica Inst. of Astr. & Astrophys.) HI Imaging of Low-z QSO Host Galaxies
Linder, Suzanne (INAOE) The Evolution of Lyman-alpha Absorbing Galaxies
Lockman, Felix J. (NRAO/Green Bank) A Giant HI Cloud in the Inner Galaxy: A New Type of Interstellar Cloud?
Malhotra, Sangeeta (The Johns Hopkins University) Large Area Lyman Alpha survey at z=4.5
Mallen-Ornelas, Gabriela (P. Universidad Catolica de Chile/Princeton University)  
Maloney, Philip (CASA/University of Colorado)  
Mashchenko, Sergey (Université de Montréal) The Impact of External Tidal Fields on the ISM of Dwarf Spheroidals
Mathews, William G. (University of California, Santa Cruz) Evolution of Gas in Elliptical Galaxies
Matthews, Lynn (NRAO/Charlottesville) The Interstellar Medium of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
McLin, Kevin (CASA/University of Colorado) Search for a Relationship between the Local Ly-alpha Forest and Galaxies: First Results
Meiksin, Avery (University of Edinburgh) The Possible Fate of Gas in the Universe
Mihos, Chris (Case Western Reserve University) Do mergers make normal ellipticals? &
Gas/Star Offsets in Tidal Tails
Miller, Eric (Univ. of Michigan) High Velocity Gas in Nearby Galaxies
Miller, Neal (NRAO/NMSU) A Search for Dust-Enshrouded Star Formation in E+A Galaxies
Mundell, Carole (ARI) The Gaseous Environment of Seyfert Galaxies
Napier, Peter (NRAO/Socorro)  
Neff, Susan (NASA/GSFC) Massive Star Formation in NGC4038/4039: HII Regions and Supernova Remnants in "the Antennae"
O'Neil, Karen (Arecibo Observatory) The Gas Content and Stellar Population of Red Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Oey, Sally (STScI) A New Look at Chemical Evidence for Gas Infall in Galaxies
Oosterloo, Tom (NFRA) HI in Early-Type Galaxies
Neutral and Ionized Gas Distribution In and Around the Radio Galaxy Coma A
Osgood, Darrell (New Mexico Tech)  
Owen, Frazer (NRAO/Socorro) Radio Evidence for Evolution of Galaxies in Rich Clusters
Peck, Alison (MPIfR) Circumnuclear HI in the Compact Symmetric Object 1946+708
Pedlar, Alan (JBO, University of Manchester) MERLIN & VLA Observations of HI Absorption in Messier 82
Perley, Daniel (Socorro High School)  
Perley, Rick (NRAO/Socorro)  
Petric, Andreea (New Mexico Tech) Line Widths and the Universal HI Profile in NGC 1058
Pfenniger, Daniel (University of Geneva) The Dynamics of Massive Gaseous Disks
Phookun, Bikram (Raman Research Institute) Kinematic and Morphological Lopsidednes in the HI Distributions of Spiral Galaxies
Pihlstroem, Ylva (Onsala Space Observatory) Probing the Neutral Gas in High-z Sources; &
The First Scientific Results from the EVN MKIV Correlator
Pisano, D. J. (University of Wisconsin/Madison) Assessing the State of Galaxy Formation
Poggianti, Bianca Maria (Osservatorio di Padova) Environmental Effects on Galaxy Evolution in Clusters
Putman, Mary (MSSSO/ATNF) High-Velocity Clouds of the South
Rand, Rich (Univ. of New Mexico) Key Results on the Ionized Gas Halo of NGC 5775
Rao, Sandhya (Univ. of Pittsburgh) Evolution of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems
Ratay, Doug (University of Florida) HI Observations of NGC 1784
Revaz, Yves (Geneva Observatory) N-body Simulations of Warped Galaxies
Rigby, Jane (Penn State) Weak MgII Absorbers at z~1: Low N(HI) HVCs, SNR in Dwarf Galaxies, or Pop III Remnants?
Roberts, Mort (NRAO/Charlottesville) Asymmetry in NGC 1637
Rupen, Michael (NRAO/Socorro) The Expanded Very Large Array
Sadler, Elaine M. (Univ. of Sydney) HI in Elliptical Galaxies -- New Results from HIPASS
Sancisi, Renzo (Bologna Observatory/Kapteyn Institute) Structure and Kinematics of HI Disks
Sansom, Anne (Univ. of Central Lancashire) Gas in Ellipticals with Fine Structure
Sarma, Anuj (University of Kentucky) VLA HI Observations of the Zeeman Effect in Centaurus A (NGC 5128)
Schinnerer, Eva (Caltech) Warps and Bars Traced by the Molecular Gas in Nearby Active Galaxies
Schiminovich, David (Caltech) HI in Mergers and Their Remnants
Schweizer, Francois (OCIW)  
Sellwood, Jerry (Rutgers University) Does Dark Matter Make Sense?
Simkin, Susan (NSF) HI Environment of Markarian 315
Smette, Alain (NASA/GSFC, NOAO) HST-STIS Observations of the HeII Gunn-Peterson Effect
Smith, Beverly (East Tennessee State University) Interstellar Gas and Star Formation in the NGC 4410 Galaxy Group
Sparke, Linda (University of Wisconsin/Madison) Summary of the Meeting
Staveley-Smith, Lister (ATNF) HIPASS Results on the Gaseous Environments of Galaxies; &
Steinmetz, Matthias (Steward Observatory) Numerical simulation of galaxy formation: properties of high redshift galaxies
Stocke, John (Univ. of Colorado/Boulder) The Local Ly alpha Forest: HI in Nearby Intergalactic Space
Swaters, Rob (Carnegie Institution) Dark Matter in Late-Type Dwarf Galaxies; &
A Gallery of Dwarf Galaxies
Tavarez, Maritza (Univ. of Michigan)  
Taylor, Greg (NRAO/Socorro)  
Thilker, Dave (NRAO/Socorro) A High-resolution VLA Mosaic of HI in M33
Thomas, Helen (Cambridge University) Extended dust emission in NGC7465
Tripp, Todd (Princeton University) Hot and Highly Ionized Gas in Galaxies and Galaxy Groups: High Resolution Spectroscopy of O VI Absorbers Toward Low-Redshift QSOs
Turnshek, David (University of Pittsburgh) Damped Ly-Alpha Galaxies
Ulvestad, Jim (NRAO/Socorro) Imaging Parsec-Scale Gas in Seyfert Nuclei using VLBA Observations of Free-Free Absorption
van Gorkom, Jacqueline (Columbia)  
van Moorsel, Gustaaf (NRAO/Socorro)  
van Zee, Liese (HIA/NRC) Constraints on BCD Evolution: HI Distribution and Kinematics
Vanden Bout, Paul (NRAO/Charlottesville)  
Veilleux, Sylvain (University of Maryland) New Results from a Superwind Survey of Nearby Galaxies
Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia) What does HI tell us about compact groups of galaxies?
Verdoes Kleijn, Gijs (Leiden Observatory) Gas and Dust in the Nuclei of Nearby Radio-Loud Ellipticals
Verheijen, Marc (NRAO/Socorro) Ursa Major: a Cluster in Formation at Zero Redshift? &
The Low-Mass End of the HI Mass Function in Ursa Major &
Mapping the z=0.19 HI Absorption Against PKS1830-211
Vogt, Nicole (Institute of Astronomy) Structure of Intermediate-Redshift Spirals
Vollmer, Bernd (Obs. de Paris, Meudon) Gasdynamics of Cluster Spiral Galaxies: Comparison between observations and simulations
Walker, Craig (NRAO/Socorro)  
Weiner, Ben (Carnegie Observatories) Distance Constraints for High-Velocity Clouds from Optical Emission
Weistrop, Donna (Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas) HST Observations of Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies: NGC 4194, the "Medusa"
Welch, Gary (Saint Mary's University) The Interstellar Medium of M32
West, Andrew A. (University of Washington)  
Westpfahl, Dave (NMT)  
Wilcots, Eric (Univ. of Wisconsin/Madison) Extended Gas in Dwarfs
Wong, Tony (UC/Berkeley) Radial Gas Flows in Spiral Galaxies
Wootten, Al (NRAO/Charlottesville) The Atacama Large Millimeter Array: Imaging Gas and Dust in Distant Galaxies
Wrobel, Joan (NRAO/Socorro)  
Xu, Cong (IPAC) Molecular, Cosmic Ray and Ionized Gases Associated with the IGM Starburst in Stephan's Quintet
Yan, Lin (The Carnegie Observatories) Faint Galaxies at z~1-2
Young, Lisa (NMT) Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in Dwarf Galaxies; &
Molecular Gas in Elliptical Galaxies
Yun, Min S. (NRAO/Socorro) Radio Study of the ISO Lockman Hole Survey Sources
Zabludoff, Ann (Univ. of Arizona) Loose Groups (review)
Zhao, Jun-Hui (CFA) A High Velocity Ionized Component in the Nuclear Region of NGC 253
Ziegler, B.L. (University Goettingen) Galaxy Transformation in Poor Clusters at z=0.25
Zwaan, Martin (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) Deep HI Imaging in Galaxy Clusters at z=0.2 &
Constraints on HI Clouds Around Galaxies and Groups

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