Gas and Galaxy Evolution:

Scientific Program

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All activities are in Workman 101 auditorium, unless otherwise indicated.
All posters will be on display in Workman Center, in rooms adjacent to the auditorium, throughout the entire conference.

Saturday, May 20th, 2000
17:30-21:30 Reception and Registration
(in Macey Center)
Sunday, May 21st, 2000
08:45-09:00 P. Vanden Bout
D. Weatherall
  J. van Gorkom Introduction
Session Ia.
J. Charlton
Gas Content as a Function of Redshift
[35] A. Meiksin The Possible Fate of Gas in the Universe
[25] M. Fall [The possible fate of gas in the Universe: Observational Evidence]
[15] S. Rao Evolution of Damped Lyman-Alpha Systems
[15] A. Smette HST-STIS Observations of the HeII Gunn-Peterson Effect
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Session Ib.
F. Briggs
Gas Content as a Function of Redshift
[25] J. Stocke The Local Ly alpha Forest: HI in Nearby Intergalactic Space
[15] C. Churchill Kinematics and Multiple Ionization Phases of Extended Gaseous Structures Around z~1 Galaxies
[15] H.-W. Chen Extended CIV Envelopes Around Galaxies at z<1
[20] J. Chengalur GMRT Observations of HI in Absorption
[15] J. Dalcanton Poster Review
12:30-14:30 Lunch Break
Session IIa.
J. Dalcanton
Galaxy Formation and High Redshift Galaxies
[30] M. Steinmetz Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Formation: The Properties of High-z Galaxies
[20] N. Vogt Structure of Intermediate-Redshift Spirals
[15] S. Malhotra Large Area Lyman Alpha Survey at z=4.5
[15] N. Katz Simulations of Galaxy Formation in Cold Dark Matter Models
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
Session IIb.
F. Owen
Galaxy Formation and High Redshift Galaxies (cont'd)
[25] C. Carilli High Redshift Radio Galaxies: Beacons to Biased Hierarchical Galaxy Formation within Large Scale Structure (LSS)
[15] J. Lim HI Imaging of Low-z QSO Host Galaxies
[15] L. Yan Faint Galaxies at z~1-2
[15] M. Yun Radio Study of the ISO Lockman Hole Survey Sources
[15] A. Hopkins Estimates of the SFR Density Between 0.7<z<1.8
Monday, May 22nd, 2000
05:30-08:30 Daybreak Hike at the Bosque del Apache
Session IIIa.
J. Hibbard
Large Galaxies in (Trans)formation
[25] J. Barnes Gas Dynamics in Galaxy Mergers
[15] C. Mihos Do Mergers Make "Normal" Ellipticals?
[20] D. Schiminovich HI in Mergers and Their Remnants
[15] A. Georgakakis Cold Gas and Star Formation in a Merging Galaxy Sequence
[15] S. Lamb Colliding Galaxies, Global Gas Flows, and Star Formation
10:00-10:30 Group Photograph
Coffee Break
Session IIIb.
M. Yun
Smaller Galaxies in (Trans)formation
[25] E. Wilcots The Extended HI Environment of Galaxies
[15] L. van Zee Constraints on BCD Evolution: HI Distribution and Kinematics
[15] P.-A. Duc HI Recycling: The Formation of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
[15] L. Young Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in Dwarf Galaxies
[20] L. Verdes-Montenegro What Does HI Tell Us About Compact Groups of Galaxies?
[15] F. Schweizer Poster Review
12:15-14:15 Lunch Break
Session IV.
M. Roberts
Nearby Galaxies: Stable Long-lived Structures or Continually Evolving?
[25] R. Sancisi HI Disks and Halos of Galaxies: Some Structural and Kinematical Properties
[15] T. Oosterloo HI in Early-Type Galaxies
[15] M. Haynes Kinematic Evidence for Minor Mergers in Isolated, Normal Sa Galaxies
[15] L. Matthews The Interstellar Medium of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
[10] B. Phookun Kinematic and Morphological Lopsidednes in the HI Distributions of Spiral Galaxies
[15] S. Oey A New Look at Chemical Evidence for Gas Infall in Galaxies
15:50-16:20 Coffee Break
Session V.
J. Binney
Dark Matter Aspects of HI Work
[30] K. Freeman Dark Matter, an HI Perspective
[25] J. Sellwood Does Dark Matter Make Sense?
[15] D. Pfenniger The Dynamics of Massive Gaseous Disks
[15] R. Swaters Dark Matter in Late-type Dwarf Galaxies
[15] R. Allen Cold Molecular Gas, PDRs and the Origin of HI in Galaxies
18:30-22:00 Conference Dinner
(Macey Center)
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2000
Session VI.
G. Taylor
The Influence of Galaxies on Their Surroundings
[30] T. Heckman [Galactic Outflows]
[20] J. Binney [The Impact of Supernovae on the Intergalactic Medium]
[20] M. Begelman [The Impact of Active Galactic Nuclei on the Intergalactic Medium]
[20] J. Bland-Hawthorn The Galactic Halo Ionizing Field
[15] W. Mathews Evolution of Gas in Elliptical Galaxies
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Session VII.
M. Rupen
HI in the Local Universe
[20] L. Staveley-Smith HIPASS Results on the Gaseous Environment of Galaxies
[10] S. Kim Interstellar Environment in the Large Magellanic Cloud
[15] B. Koribalski HIPASS Bright Galaxies Survey
[15] E. Sadler HI in Elliptical Galaxies - New Results from HIPASS
[15] J. van der Hulst WHISP
[15] J. van Gorkom Poster Review
12:30-14:30 Lunch Break
Session VIII.
R. Sancisi
Loose Groups and Nearby Clusters
[30] A. Zabludoff [Loose Groups and Nearby Clusters]
[10] T. Tripp Hot and Highly Ionized Gas in Galaxies and Galaxy Groups: High-resolution Spectroscopy of OVI Absorbers Toward Low-Redshift QSOs
[10] D. Buote Oxygen Absorption in Cooling Flow Galaxies and Groups: Evidence for Warm Ionized Gas
[10] A. Edge Molecular Gas in Cooling Flows - Detected at Last!
[15] M. Verheijen Ursa Major: A Cluster in Formation at Zero Redshift?
[15] J. Kenney Environmental Effects on Gas and Star Formation in Virgo Cluster Spiral and Peculiar Galaxies
[15] B. Vollmer Gasdynamics of Cluster Spiral Galaxies: Comparison between observations and simulations
[5] J. Hibbard
M. Rupen
Poster Prizes
16:15-19:00 Dinner Break
19:00-22:00 Session IX. Special Discussion Session with open bar:
The Nature of High-Velocity Clouds

A free-for-all -- bring your transparencies!!
(Macey Center)
Moderator R. Ekers  
L. Blitz [HVCs: Building Blocks of the Local Group]
R. Braun CHVCs in the Local Group and NGC 628 Group
Panelist J. Charlton QSO Absorption Line Constraints on Intragroup High Velocity Clouds
Panelist B. Gibson Do High-Velocity Clouds Really Fuel Galactic Star Formation?
Panelist D.J. Pisano Assessing the State of Galaxy Formation
Panelist M. Putman High-Velocity Clouds of the South
Panelist M. Verheijen The Low-Mass End of the HI Mass Function in Ursa Major
Panelist B. Weiner Distance Constraints for High-Velocity Clouds from Optical Emission
Panelist M. Zwaan Constraints on HI Clouds Around Galaxies and Groups
Wednesday, May 24th, 2000
Session X.
A. Zabludoff
Distant Clusters
[20] A. Evrard Intracluster Gas -- The Missing Baryons and Their Stories
[20] B. Poggianti Environmental Effects on Galaxy Evolution in Clusters
[20] F. Owen Radio Evidence for Evolution of Galaxies in Rich Clusters
[15] R. Bower An H-alpha Survey of Intermediate-z Clusters: Star Formation in a Hostile Environment
[15] B. Ziegler Galaxy Transformation in Poor Clusters at z=0.2
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:00 Session XI. Summary
[30] L. Sparke Conference Summary
11:30-12:30 Bus to VLA Site
12:30-16:30 VLA 20th Anniversary Celebration
16:30-17:30 Bus back to Socorro
Thursday, May 25th, 2000
09:00-15:00 Hike in the Magdalena Mountains

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