Proceedings of the 170th Symposium of the
International Astronomical Union,
held in Tucson, Arizona, 1995 May 29 - June 5

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William. B. Latter
NASA Ames Research Center
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Molecular Clouds in the Milky Way

  1. Present and Future CO Surveys
    P. Thaddeus
  2. CO in the Milky Way
    L. Blitz
  3. A Molecular Worm in Scutum
    T. M. Dame
    (Figure offline)
  4. Molecular Clouds Observed with the EGRET Gamma-ray Telescope
    S. W. Digel, S. D. Hunter, R. Mukherjee, E. J. de Geus, I. A. Grenier, A. Heithausen, G. Kanbach, and P. Thaddeus
  5. CO and the Multiphase ISM
    C. F. McKee
  6. The Ursa Major Molecular Clouds
    M. W. Pound and A. A. Goodman
    (Figure 2, Figure 3)
  7. FCRAO CO Survey of the Outer Galaxy
    M. H. Heyer
  8. CO 2-1/1-0 Ratio
    T. Hasegawa
  9. Mapping Dust Extinction in Molecular Clouds
    J. Alves and C. J. Lada
  10. On the Fractal Structure of Molecular Clouds
    J. Stutzki, A. Heithausen, and F. Bensch
  11. The Origin and Structure of Molecular Clouds
    J. Bally
  12. Molecular Gas Near the Galactic Center
    M. Morris
    (Figures offline)
  13. CO Mapping of the Inner Few Hundred Parsecs of the Galaxy
    T. Oka, T. Hasegawa, T. Handa, F. Sato, and M. Tsuboi
    (Figure 1)


  1. Theoretical Chemistry
    E. Herbst
  2. Observational Chemistry
    C. M. Walmsley
  3. CO at Other Wavelengths
    J. H. Black
  4. Millimeter-wave Absorption Studies of the Onset of Dark-cloud Chemistry
    R. Lucas and H. S. Liszt
  5. Galactic Carbon Monoxide Isotope Ratios
    W. D. Langer
    (Figure offline)
  6. Using CO Isotopes to Probe the ISM
    G. J. White
    (Figure 3, Figure 5)

Clouds and Cores

  1. Probing Giant Molecular Cloud Cores with Millimeter and Submillimeter Observations of C18O and Dust
    P. F. Goldsmith, E. A. Bergin, and D. C. Lis
  2. Velocity Coherence in Dense Cores
    A. A. Goodman, J. A. Barranco, D. J. Wilner, and M. H. Heyer
  3. Structure of Molecular Clouds and Turbulence
    E. Falgarone
    (Figures offline)
  4. 13CO (6-5) in the Orion Bar: A Critical Observational Test for PDR Models
    D. C. Lis, P. Schilke, and J. Keene
  5. The C/CO Ratio Problem: Chemical Effects of Turbulence
    T. Xie

Star Formation

  1. Turbulence and COllapse in Star-Forming Molecular Clouds
    P. C. Myers
    (Figures offline)
  2. Star Formation in the Gem OB1 Molecular Cloud Complex
    J. M. Carpenter, R. L. Snell, and F. P. Schloerb
  3. Protostellar and Protoplanetary Disks
    A. Sargent
  4. 350 AU Scale Circumstellar Rotating Gaseous Disk around DM Tauri
    M. Saito, R. Kawabe, S. M. Miyama, T. Handa, and Y. Kitamura
  5. Kinematics of Disks around T Tauri Stars
    D. W. Koerner
    (Figure offline)
  6. CO Outflows from Young Stars
    B. Reipurth and R. Bachiller
    (Figures offline)
  7. CO J=6-5 Observations of Protostellar Outflows
    L. M. Chernin, C. R. Masson, and J. Keene
  8. Dense and Cold Gas in the Chameleon I Cloud: CO and IRAS Observations
    L. Haikala, M. Toriseva, K. Mattila, J. Harju, and T. Liljeström
  9. Surveys with Heterodyne Focal Plane Arrays at mm Wavelengths: QUARRY at FCRAO
    H. Ungerechts


  1. Single Dishes: The Potential of Present-Day Big Dishes and the Promise of the LMT
    A. I. Harris
    (Figures offline)
  2. Characteristics of the Millimeter Arrays
    W. J. Welch
    (Figures offline)
  3. Increasing the Yield of Our Telescopes
    D. T. Emerson
  4. Submillimeter Wavelength Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Astronomical Sources
    E. Serabyn and E. W. Weisstein
    (Figures offline)
  5. The Submillimeter Telescope Observatory
    R. N. Martin
  6. The Large Millimeter-wave Telescope
    F. P. Schloerb
  7. Future CO Observations with the JCMT
    I. Robson
  8. ODIN: A Swedish Submillimeter Wave Spectroscopy Satellite for Astronomy and Aeronomy
    A. Hjalmarson
  9. European Plans for a Millimetre Array
    R. S. Booth
  10. LMSA: Japanese Plans for Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array
    M. Ishiguro
    (Figures offline)
  11. New Instruments, New Science: Future Opportunities
    R. L. Brown

Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei

  1. Comparative Studies of Other Galaxies
    A. Eckart
  2. The ESO/SEST Key Programme: CO in the Magellanic Clouds
    M. Rubio
  3. CO in Nearby Normal Galaxies
    Y. Sofue
  4. Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Galaxies
    J. S. Young
  5. Star Formation and Gas Contents in Disk Galaxies: Complex Relationships
    F. Casoli
    (Figures offline)
  6. Molecular Gas In Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
    P. M. Solomon
    (Figure 4)
  7. Molecular Clouds and CO Emission in Low-Metallicity Galaxies
    P. R. Maloney and M. G. Wolfire
    (Figure 1, Figure 2)
  8. N(H2)/ICO in Galactic Bulges
    R. Mauersberger
    (Figure offline)
  9. Molecular Gas in Galactic Nuclei
    N. Z. Scoville, M. S. Yun, and P. M. Bryant
    (Figure 1, Figure 2)
  10. Modeling of Molecular Emission from Centres of Galaxies
    S. Aalto
  11. Star Formation and Dynamics of Molecular Gas in Circumnuclear Kiloparsec Regions of Barred Galaxies
    S. Ishizuki
    (Figures offline)
  12. Structure of the Circumnuclear Regions of AGNs: Star Formation and Dense Gas
    L. J. Tacconi, A. Eckart, R. Genzel, A. Krabbe, and L.E. Tacconi-Garman
    (Figure offline)
  13. BIMA Observations of Molecular Gas in NGC 1068
    T. T. Helfer
    (Figure offline)
  14. Centaurus A: The 13CO Map and Molecular Line Ratios
    W. Wild, A. Eckart, M. Cameron, R. Genzel, H. Rothermel, G. Rydbeck, and T. Wiklind
  15. CO in High Redshift Galaxies
    S. J. E. Radford
  16. CO (and Other) Lines from the Cloverleaf Quasar
    R. Barvainis
    (Figure offline)
  17. CO Observations of High Redshift Galaxies with the Owens Valley Millimeter Array
    M. S. Yun and N. Scoville
  18. CO Observations of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies, QSOs, and Powerful Radio Galaxies with the 12 m Telescope
    D. B. Sanders and A. S. Evans

CO in Planetary Systems and in Stellar Death

  1. CO in the Solar System
    T. Encrenaz
  2. Mass Loss in AGB Stars
    M. Guélin, R. Lucas, and R. Neri
  3. Unraveling Mysteries in the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution: The Enigma of the S-Type Stars
    W. B. Latter and J. H. Bieging
  4. New Detections of Metal-bearing Molecules in IRC+10216: From Chemistry to Nucleosynthesis
    L. M. Ziurys
    (Figure offline)
  5. CO in Planetary Nebulae and Proto-Planetary Nebulae
    S. Kwok
    (Figure offline)
  6. Pre-Shock and Post-Shock Abundance Ratios of Atomic Carbon to CO in IC 443 G
    J. Keene, T. G. Phillips, and E. F. Van Dishoeck


  1. Twenty-five Years of CO Astronomy: Revealing the Cold Universe
    C. J. Lada

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