Presentations from the John Payne Tribute Symposium

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12-meter Telescope mm Wave Receivers - Antonio Perfetto
Contributions to the ALMA Front End Local Oscillators - Skip Thacker
ALMA Orthomode Transducer - Wes Grammer
John Payne's ALMA Photonics Work - Bill Shillue
Frontiers of Radio Astronomy - Sandy Weinreb (Caltech)
John Payne Goes to Russia - Ken Kellerman
John Payne's Contributions to ATNF - Graham Moorey (CSIRO)
John Payne's Green Bank Experiments - Dave Parker
Managing Creative People: A Tribute to John Payne's Career - Robert Brown
Impact of the 12m Telescope on Millimeter Science - Lucy Ziurys (Arizona Radio Observatory)
Some Thoughts on John Payne's Contributions to Radio Astronomy - Larry D'Addario
Some Tucson Engineering Recollections - Darrel Emerson

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