ALMA Presentations in Chile

NRAO Offered a Cycle of Speeches about ALMA in Chile

Mauricio Pilleux with students from the Italian School in Santiago, Chile.

Mauricio Pilleux, NRAO Chilean Business Manager and North American ALMA Deputy Project Manager (Technical), has recently given several talks about ALMA for members of the public in Chile, including doctors, university, and school students in the cities of Valdivia and Santiago. These public talks described the ALMA mission, science, and job opportunities, as well as NRAO science and programs outside Chile.

For students from the Engineering Sciences Faculty at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Mauricio presented a talk titled: "The ALMA Radio Telescope: Challenges and Opportunities." Located in southern Chile, Valdivia is the capital of the newly created Los Ríos Region, the capital of Valdivia Province, and the home of the Universidad Austral de Chile, founded in 1954.

Mauricio delivered a second presentation in Valdivia titled "ALMA, its technology, and the borders of the Universe" for a group of doctors from the Regional Base Hospital as well as an especially enthusiastic group of students, professors, and parents from the German School in this city. Mauricio also presented this talk in Santiago to primary and secondary students from the Italian School.

Sergio Cabezon