Student School Project Mentors Site Program
Daniel Lacasse James Madison University Web Image Gallery Refactoring Pat Murphy CV NSF REU
Brian Sacash Ohio Northern University Data Preservation and Access for the NRAO 140ft and 12m Telescopes Ron DuPlain CV NSF REU
Bryan Murphy Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Applying Semantic Web Technologies and Ontologies to the NRAO Data Vault Nicole Radziwill CV NSF REU
Delia Mocanu New Mexico Tech Design Tool for Display of and Interaction with Large Spectral-Line GBT Data Sets Bob Garwood CV NRAO uGRP
Jessica Coakley Bridgewater College The Star Formation Environment of Sharpless 106 Jeff Mangum CV NSF REU
Matthew Schenker Dartmouth College Modeling Line Emission from Rotating Accretion Disks in AGNs Jim Braatz CV NSF REU
Claudia Cyganowski University of Wisconsin-Madison Probing the Nature of Extended Green Objects: A New Sample of Massive Protostellar Candidates Crystal Brogan CV NRAO GRP
Charli Sakari Whitman College Investigating the jets of Cygnus X-3 James Miller-Jones CV NSF REU
Anthony Woody West Virginia University Institute of Technology A low EMI m&c interface for the K band Focal Plan Array Receiver John Ford GB NSF REU
Marc Eimers University of Colorado at Boulder 140 Foot pulsar observation commissioning Maura McLaughlin and Dunc Lorimer GB NSF REU
Stephanie Moats New Mexico Tech GBT searches for new classes of interstellar molecules Glen Langston GB NSF REU
Colin Slater Case Western Reserve University Power Spectra of HI in the Outer Galaxy Toney Minter GB NSF REU
Joshua Marvil UCSB Understanding the nature of the microJy radio source population Frazer Owen Soc NRAO GRP
Alexander Savello Emory University Kinematic study of Bok globule CB4 Robert Dickman Soc NSF REU
Stephanie Capen Eastern Nazarene College Infrared colors of evolved stars as a tracer of maser emission Lorant Sjouwerman & Mark Claussen Soc NSF REU
Crystal Anderson Western Washingtion University X-ray emission from embedded young massive stars Debra Shepherd Soc NRAO GRP
Kiruthika Devaraj PSG College of Technology Radio Observations and Radiative Transfer Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres Brigette Hesman & Bryan Butler Soc NRAO GRP
Robert Edmonds The University of New Mexico The nature of the high-redshift tail of the submm galaxy population Jeff Wagg & Chris Carilli Soc NRAO uGRP
Benjamin Breslauer Oberlin College Astronomy in the Time Domain Dale Frail Soc NSF REU
Anthony Hamzeh James Madison University Probing the Physical and Chemical Properties of Astronomical Environments using Spectral Line Survey Tony Remijan CV NSF REU
Evan Schneider Bryn Mawr College Searching for the Pulsar in SN1986J Scott Ransom CV NSF REU
Frederick Davies New Mexico Tech Relative Motions of two Massive Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster Craig Walker and Joan Wrobel Soc NSF REU
Timothy Pennucci Columbia University, Columbia College Dynamic Power Spectra: Searching for Compact Binary Pulsars Scott Ransom CV NRAO uGRP
Allison Hammond Western Albemarle High School Parent and Daughter Species Evolution in Comet Hale-Bopp Jeff Mangum CV Other