AUI/NRAO Radio Astronomy Image Contest

Mark T. Adams

The First Prize image from 2007The First Prize image from 2006The First Prize image from 2005

The First Prize images from the 2007, 2006, and 2005 AUI/NRAO Radio Astronomy Image Contests respectively.

The NRAO invites and encourages submissions of astronomical images to the 4th annual AUI/NRAO Radio Astronomy Image Contest. This contest is designed to promote research conducted by scientists using NRAO telescopes and increase the number of visually compelling, high-quality radio astronomy images available for education and public outreach (EPO). Images submitted to this contest will be included in the NRAO Image Gallery for use by scientists, teachers, the public, the media, and EPO professionals. Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI) sponsors the contest prizes, including a First Prize of $1000, a Second Prize of $500, a Third Prize of $250, and up to nine Honorable Mentions of $100 each. The submission deadline for the 2008 AUI/NRAO Radio Astronomy Image Contest is Wednesday, 3 September 2008.

Read detailed information regarding the contest and how to submit images.