ALMA Construction

Al Wootten

Figure 1

The transporter sets Vertex antenna No 2 down beside No 1 after moving it from the Assembly Building on 8 July in Chile.


Figure 2

The pedestal for Vertex antenna No 6 arrives in Chile and is unloaded in port on 26 July.


Figure 3

The pedestal for Vertex antenna no 6 arrives at the Site Erection Facility at the Operations Support Facility (OSF) on 31 July.


With the successful move of Vertex antenna No 2 by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) transporter from the Assembly Building to an antenna station near Vertex antenna No 1 (top left), one station became available in the building. The pedestal for Vertex antenna No 6 arrived to occupy that station on 31 July, creating a full house at the Site Erection Facility in Chile. Testing of Vertex antenna No 1 was therefore a focus of activity during July. A team led by Darrel Emerson conducted holography measurements and were able to beat residual errors for the surface to below 12 microns by the end of the month. After acceptance of an antenna by ALMA, the transporter will move it to a station outside the ALMA Operations Support Facility for further tests. A second holography tower is now ready for the tests that are planned there.