ALMA EPO Program Officer

Fred K.Y. Lo and Mark Adams

John Stoke

ALMA EPO Program Officer, John Stoke

It is our pleasure to announce that John Stoke joined the NRAO on 4 August as ALMA EPO Program Officer. John will work closely with the Director's Office, the North American ALMA Science Center, and the NRAO EPO team to create an ALMA EPO program that greatly improves the visibility and impact of ALMA in the science community and with the public.

John has an undergraduate degree in astronomy and 25 years of experience with education and public outreach. For the past nine years, John has managed the Informal Education branch of the Space Telescope Science Institute's (STScI) Office of Public Outreach and led the development of the ViewSpace network of self-updating astronomy displays that are now available in more than 180 museums, planetariums, and visitor centers, including the NRAO Edgemont Road lobby in Charlottesville. While at STScI, John also produced an award-winning IMAX short film and secured major grant funding from NASA's Earth Observing System to incorporate earth science into his ViewSpace program. Most recently, John has also been the lead for the James Webb Space Telescope EPO program.

We are delighted to welcome John to the NRAO, to ALMA, and to our EPO team.