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August 2008 eNews Volume 1, Issue 3
First Prize, 2007 AUI/NRAO Image Contest: Birth and Death in the Milky Way. A VLA-Spitzer panorama of the Milky Way in Scutum and Aquila. Image by Rick White (STScI), Bob Becker (IGPP/LLNL & UC-Davis), and David Helfand (Columbia)
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The AUI/NRAO Image Contest deadline is Wednesday, 3 September 2008. First Prize: $1,000. Second Prize: $500. Third Prize: $250. Honorable Mentions: $100 each. We look forward to seeing your images! Contest Info | Submit Images

ALMA ConstructionALMA Construction With the successful move of Vertex antenna No 2 by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) transporter from the Assembly Building to an antenna station near Vertex antenna No 1 (top left), one station became available in the building. The pedestal for Vertex antenna No 6 arrived to occupy that station on 31 July, creating a full house at the Site Erection Facility in Chile. Read more...

CASA UpdateCASA Update The Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package being developed by NRAO and ALMA will be used for offline reduction and analysis of both ALMA and Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) data. CASA is fully scriptable and offers a growing suite of data reduction tasks written in C++ with a Python interface, plotting through matplotlib, and a Qt based Viewer. Read more...

VLA and VLBA/VLBI Proposals and Scheduling
The table shows the next two deadlines for regular and large proposals for the Very Large Array (VLA) and the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA): October 1, 2008 and February 2, 2009.

Array Deadline Observing Period Configuration
VLA 2008 Oct 1 2009 Jan 12 - Jan 23 Move
    2009 Jan 23 - Feb 9 BnA
    2009 Feb 9 - Feb 13 Move
    2009 Feb 13 - May 18 B
  2009 Feb 2 2009 May 18 - May 29 Move
    2009 May 29 - Jun 15 CnB
    2009 Jun 15 - Jun 19 Move
    2009 Jun 19 - Sep 14 C
VLBA 2008 Oct 1 2009 mid Jan - mid May  
  2009 Feb 2 2009 mid May - mid Sep  

A Sister Cities Student Exchange across HemispheresA Sister Cities Student Exchange across Hemispheres The villages of Magdalena, New Mexico in the United States, and San Pedro de Atacama in Chile’s Region II are culturally similar. The majority of their populations are of native or Spanish ancestry; they derive the bulk of their income from agriculture and tourism; they are small communities of similar population; and they are both located in high-elevation desert near major international radio astronomy research facilities. Read more...

ALMA EPO Program OfficerALMA EPO Program Officer It is our pleasure to announce that John Stoke joined the NRAO on 4 August as ALMA EPO Program Officer. John will work closely with the Director's Office, the North American ALMA Science Center, and the NRAO EPO team to create an ALMA EPO program that greatly improves the visibility and impact of ALMA in the science community and with the public. Read more...


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