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November 2009 eNews Volume 2, Issue 11
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Upcoming NRAO Events

  • Jan. 5: NRAO Town Hall at the American Astronomical Society Meeting
  • Jan. 15: New Mexico Symposium
  • Jan. 15: Jansky Lecture
  • Feb. 1 5:00 PM EST: NRAO Proposal Deadline
  • Mar. 22–25: SKA2010 - International SKA Science and Engineering Meeting
  • Jun. 8–15: 12th Synthesis Imaging Workshop NRAO & New Mexico Tech


ALMA Detects Sub-millimeter Fringes: On 23 September, the first ALMA antenna was delivered to the 5000m Array Operations Site (AOS). It was joined on 16 October by a second antenna which was placed on pad 109; on 17 October the first antenna was moved from its location near the Technical Building to pad 96, about 160 meters away... Read more... ALMA Detects Sub-millimeter Fringes
Opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Graduating Seniors, & Graduate Students : NRAO is accepting applications for the 2010 NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantships program. Each summer student conducts research under the supervision of an NRAO staff member at one of the NRAO sites, on a project in the supervisor’s area of expertise. The project may involve any aspect of astronomy, including original research, instrumentation, telescope design, or astronomical software development... Read more... Opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Graduating Seniors, & Graduate Students
Synthesis Imaging Workshop: The 12th Synthesis Imaging Workshop will be held June 8-15, 2010 at the NRAO and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, NM. The Workshop will comprise a week of lectures on aperture synthesis theory and techniques at a level appropriate for graduate students in astrophysics. The Workshop will also include two days of practical tutorials demonstrating data collection, calibration, and imaging of various types of data, including new data from the EVLA and VLBA, and a millimeter/submillimeter wavelength dataset... Read more... Synthesis Imaging Workshop
New Mexico Symposium: First Announcement: The NRAO and the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) will jointly host the 25th annual New Mexico Symposium on 15 January 2010 at the NRAO Science Operations Center in Socorro, NM. We expect to fill a full day with oral and poster presentations, beginning at 09:00 and continuing through 17:30... Read more... New Mexico Symposium: First Announcement
EVLA Antenna Component Production: It has been a long road, but we are nearing the end of EVLA antenna component production. This photo shows Tommy Montoya and Adrian Zamora of the VLA Weld Shop with the last EVLA feed cone floor, #28. The last feed cone will not be made for a while yet, but the end is in sight!... Read more... EVLA Antenna Component Production
VLBA Observations Using Phase Referencing: Phase-referenced VLBA observations offer two critical advantages over pure self-calibration techniques: (1) weaker target sources can be observed because the array's effective coherence time is increased from minutes to hours, vastly increasing the number of accessible target sources; and (2) the target source position can be measured accurately relative to the phase reference source... Read more... VLBA Observations Using Phase Referencing
Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott: Miller Goss (NRAO) and Richard X. McGee (CSIRO, retired) are pleased to announce the publication of "Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott" as a book in Springer’s Astrophysics and Space Science Library series... Read more... Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott
Charles Eric Knapp, 1956-2009: We inform you with great sadness that Eric Knapp lost his two-year long battle with lymphoma on October 29, 2009. Eric was hired by NRAO as one of the original Green Bank Telescope operators in 1998. As an amateur astronomer, Eric made contributions to several American Association of Variable Star Observers programs and also to supernova search collaborations... Read more... Charles Eric Knapp, 1956-2009

Career Opportunities

  • Software Engineer II (CASA)
  • Software Engineer III
  • ALMA Commissioning Scientists
  • NRAO Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Senior RF Engineer
  • Assistant Scientist A (ALMA Science Operations Astronomers)
  • Telescope Operator
  • Systems Administrator II
  • Research Associates (Postdoctoral Scholars)
  • Science Writer
  • Assistant Scientist/A
  • NRAO Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Scientists (NAASC)
  • Software Engineer II
  • Software Engineer III
  • Systems Engineer



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