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December 2009 eNews Volume 2, Issue 12
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Upcoming NRAO Events

  • Jan. 5: NRAO Town Hall at the American Astronomical Society Meeting
  • Jan. 15: New Mexico Symposium
  • Jan. 15: Jansky Lecture
  • Feb. 1 5:00 PM EST: NRAO Proposal Deadline
  • Feb. 1: Summer Student Application Deadline
  • Mar. 22–25: SKA2010 - International SKA Science and Engineering Meeting
  • Jun. 8–15: 12th Synthesis Imaging Workshop NRAO & New Mexico Tech


Summer Student Opportunities: The NRAO is now accepting applications for the 2010 NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantships program. Each summer student conducts research under the supervision of an NRAO staff member at one of the Observatory’s sites, on a project in the supervisor’s area of expertise... Read more... Summer Student Opportunities
ALMA Construction: And Then There Were Three: On 20 November, a third antenna joined the two ALMA antennas undergoing verification phases of interferometry at the 5000m Array Operation Site (AOS). The two-station interferometer at the AOS recorded fringes at a wavelength of 456 microns on the night of 21 November... Read more... ALMA Construction: And Then There Were Three
Expanded Very Large Array Status: An external review of the de-multiplexer on the 3-bit, 4Gsps sampler board was held October 1. The samplers are used to digitize the 8 GHz of bandwidth per polarization from each EVLA antenna... Read more... Expanded Very Large Array Status
EVLA-VLBA-VLBI Proposals & Scheduling: The table lists information and configurations for the next regular and large proposal deadline for the Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) and the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). The future order of the EVLA configurations will be D → DnC → C → CnB → B → BnA → A... Read more... EVLA-VLBA-VLBI Proposals & Scheduling
VLBA Begins Production Processing Using the DiFX Software Correlator: The NRAO handles regular proposals for the VLBI High Sensitivity Array (HSA) at the same deadlines as for the VLBA. The HSA includes the VLBA, GBT, and Arecibo in the U.S., plus Effelsberg in Germany... Read more... VLBA Begins Production Processing Using the DiFX Software Correlator

Career Opportunities


From the Archives: With this eNews issue, we begin monthly publication of photographs from the NRAO Archives. We hope readers will enjoy seeing a selection from the wide array of Archives photos that illustrate and document NRAO history, as well as selected photos of interest from our various collections of individuals' papers... Read more... From the Archives
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