Career Opportunities

ALMA Commissioning Scientists: The Joint ALMA Office invites applications for the position of Commissioning Scientists to be based in Santiago, Chile. These are international staff positions in the ALMA Project, the world's most sensitive mm/submm interferometer, which is currently under construction in northern Chile. The role of ALMA Commissioning Scientists is to assist the Project Scientist and Deputy Project Scientist in planning and executing the scientific commissioning of ALMA.

Assistant Scientist: The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is beginning a program to develop focal plane arrays for the Green Bank Telescope, beginning with a 3mm array. We are looking for an energetic individual to provide scientific leadership for the focal plane array development program, particularly for the GBT’s high frequency range.

CASA Group Supervisor: The CASA Computing Division of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is seeking a group supervisor to lead the CASA (Common Astronomy Software Applications) software group. The person filling this position will be directly involved in high-level design decisions for CASA, and will participate actively in the implementation of the resultant designs.

Cooperative Education Appointment (Engineering): The NRAO Green Bank Electronics Division seeks a cooperative education student to work with our engineers to develop control systems and instrumentation for the telescope. Examples of projects underway include the Precision Telescope Control System, a project to enable the telescope to work at very high frequencies, as well as the CICADA project, a project using reconfigurable computing hardware to perform complex digital signal processing algorithms on telescope signals. Depending on the project selected, the student will gain experience in the fields of digital signal processing, reconfigurable computing, digital control systems, or other topics in electrical or computer engineering.

Joint ALMA Observatory Antenna Group Manager: The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is seeking a senior engineer to become the Manager of the ALMA Antenna Group. He/she will lead a group of 40 people and be responsible for all activities associated with the reliable and effective operation of all antennas in the array.The successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of all antennas and associated equipment (e.g. optical pointing telescopes, nutators), developing the required maintenance schedules and programs and, thereafter, monitoring their execution.

Lead Systems Engineer: ALMA is seeking a senior System Engineer for the ALMA Project to provide leadership in the definition and execution of SE activities across the project, and to manage the team in Chile in support of the construction, commissioning and operational phases of the project. The position includes responsibilities in ALMA partner regions, Europe, East Asia, and North America, requiring frequent missions to coordinate SE activities related to the production, integration and test of ALMA sub-systems.

Mechanical Engineer II: The ALMA project at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory invites applications for an Mechanical Engineer to evaluate and test overall antenna system performance. The position will be responsible for providing mechanical systems engineering support to all phases of advanced radio telescope antenna assembly, integration and final acceptance testing.

Software Engineer: The Software Development Division at the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) is seeking a Software Engineer to join an exciting and diverse team, with responsibilities including continuing maintenance and enhancements of the current code base and future instrumentation development, e.g. the next generation of bolometer arrays for the GBT.

Software Engineer: The ALMA Backend IPT is seeking a Software Engineer to write, debug and maintain test and measurement graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In addition, the engineer will provide data analysis, organization, and presentation as well as preparation of test reports.

Software Engineer (KFPA): The K-band Focal Plane Array Project at the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) is seeking a Software Engineer to develop monitor and control software. The seven beam array under development will improve mapping speed and map calibration for extended molecular regions. Upon completion and commissioning of the seven beam array, work will commence on a larger array and complementary hardware infrastructure.

Software Engineer II: EVLA Computing is seeking a Software Engineer to assist in the design and development of distributed, real-time, monitor, control, and data processing software. The EVLA is an enhancement of the Very Large Array (VLA), a radio telescope located 50 miles west of Socorro, NM. This position includes, but is not limited to, responsibility for the telescope calibration (TelCal) software - an application that will capture and process data output from the EVLA WIDAR correlator backend, and then distribute the processing results to the rest of the software system.

Software Engineer II: The Observatory Operations Support (ObOps) subsystem of the ALMA Computing IPT is developing a wide range of operation support tools for the ALMA Observatory in Chile and its regional support centers. We are seeking an Engineer with experience developing Java applications to participate in any of the development and maintenance areas of the team.

System Engineers: ALMA is seeking two System Engineers to join the team in Chile in support of the construction, commissioning and operational phases of the project. The positions involve duties in ALMA partner regions, Europe, East Asia, and North America, in the form of frequent missions to contribute to the production and integration activities of the ALMA sub-systems.