Joint Observing Opportunities with
Fermi and Chandra Satellites

Jim Ulvestad

NRAO is again participating in joint/cooperative observing programs with the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. Both have proposal deadlines in March: March 6 for Fermi Cycle 2, and March 17 for Chandra Cycle 11. For Chandra, proposals will be for observations that require both Chandra pointing and NRAO observations to carry out a scientific investigation. For Fermi, which is primarily in sky-survey mode, potential observers may propose for NRAO observations that make use of the Fermi survey data even without re-pointing of the Fermi satellite.

NRAO has allocated up to 3% of the observing time on VLA/EVLA, VLBA, and GBT for Chandra joint proposals, and up to 10% of the observing time on the same telescopes for Fermi cooperative proposals. Potential proposers also should note that the overall scope of the Fermi guest investigator program is doubling for Cycle 2, as the satellite becomes fully operational.

The Chandra proposal call may be accessed from .

Section 4.5.5 of the proposal call gives specifics of the joint NRAO/Chandra program.

The Fermi proposal call may be accessed from .

Details about the cooperative NRAO/Fermi program may be found at .