Fifth NAIC-NRAO School on Single-Dish Radio Astronomy

Karen O'Neil

The fifth NAIC-NRAO school on single-dish radio astronomy will be held 12-18 July 2009 at the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico. The objective of the school is to provide graduate students, post-docs, and experts in other fields of astronomy with both knowledge and practical experience of the techniques and applications of single-dish radio astronomy.

The school will be based around an intensive series of lectures from experts. A significant part of each participant's time at the school will be spent performing a hands-on radio astronomy project. For this project, participants will make observations with either the Arecibo 305-m telescope or the Green Bank 100-m (GBT) telescope, analyze the data acquired, and interpret the results.

The primary goals of the school are to:

The number of participants will be limited to approximately 45 people. A registration fee of $200 will include: travel between San Juan airport and Arecibo Observatory, the welcome reception, lunches during the school, social events, the school banquet, and a copy of the proceedings. Participants will be housed either at the Observatory or in nearby hotels. They are expected to cover the cost of their travel to Puerto Rico, lodging, and other meals. However, some financial assistance is expected to be available, especially for applicants based at U.S. institutions.

The school web page is to be found at