2010 Jansky Fellowship Program

Tim Bastian

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) announces the 2010 Jansky Fellowship program which provides outstanding opportunities for research in astronomy. Jansky Fellows formulate and carry out investigations either independently or in collaboration with others within the wide framework of interests of the Observatory. Prior radio experience is not required and multi-wavelength projects leading to a synergy with NRAO instruments are encouraged. The NRAO also encourages applications from candidates with interest in radio astronomy instrumentation, computation, and theory.

Appointments may be made for positions at any of these NRAO sites: Socorro, NM; Green Bank, WV; and Charlottesville, VA. As ALMA commissioning activities get underway, we anticipate that there will also be appointments available in Chile. Jansky Fellows are encouraged to spend time at universities working with collaborators during the course of their Fellowship.

In addition to appointments at NRAO sites, non-resident Jansky Fellowships may be offered for appointments that are hosted at a U.S. university. Frequent and/or long term visits to NRAO sites are encouraged. Split Fellowships with time spent at NRAO and a U.S. university are permitted.

The starting salary will be $60,000 per year with an appointment duration of two years, and possible renewal for a third. A research budget of up to $10,000 per year is provided for travel and computing requirements. Fellows are eligible for page charge support, vacation accrual, health insurance coverage, and a moving allowance. In addition, up to $3,000 per year is provided to non-NRAO institutions that are hosting Jansky Fellows to defray local institutional costs.

The NRAO web site provides further details on the Jansky Fellowship Program and information on the application process. Please note that candidates must receive their Ph.D. prior to beginning a Jansky Fellowship.