Library Corner

Marsha Bishop


The NRAO Library has completed scanning the GBT Memos from 1 – 233. All GBT Memos are now available online. We are working on the EDIR series and will continue until all NRAO Memos and Reports are available online.

Publication Support: When using an NRAO telescope, NRAO may provide publication support. For additional information, please see Publication Support information and requirements.

Have you received a request for Proposal Numbers (AKA Project Codes, Corresponding Project, Project ID, Legacy ID, etc.)? The NRAO Library is trying to collect all Proposal IDs (even we cannot decide what the correct name!) on current papers to not only link from papers to the original data, but to allow data mining by ADS, making available data more useful and more visible to scientists. We look forward to building a better system with your help.