2009 NRAO Summer Student Research Program

Jeff Mangum

August brought to a close the 50th year of the NRAO Summer Student program. The student participants included undergraduate students, graduating seniors, and graduate students supported by various NRAO student programs. The 22 student projects are listed in the table.

Student School Project Mentor(s) Site
Crystal Anderson New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology The Relationship Between Ionized Gas and X-Rays in a Massive Star Forming Region IRAS 20126 Debra Shepherd Soc
Rogerio Cardoso UW Madison Disentangling AGN emission and star formation activity in deep radio continuum survey Maurilio Pannella and Veronica Strazzullo Soc
Kiruthika Devaraj Georgia Institute of Technology Radio Observations and Radiative Transfer Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres Brigette Hesman Soc
Kelley Liebst University of Kansas The Potential Effectiveness of the HI Stripping in Virgo Aeree Chung Soc
Joshua Marvil New Mexico Tech The properties of the radio continuum SEDs of nearby galaxies Frazer Owen Soc
Melissa Pastorius DePaul University Observations of Water Masers in High Mass Star Forming Regions with the VLA and VLBA Emmanuel Momjian Soc
Maxime Rischard University of California, Berkeley Millimeter study of AGN OJ287 during predicted maximum Robert Dickman Soc
Meagan White University of Tennessee, Knoxville Twenty years of observations of X-ray transient Aquila X-1 Amy Mioduszewski Soc
Evan Kornacki University of Texas at Austin The Origin and Fate of Smiths Cloud Jay Lockman GB
Christine Mennicke Concordia University, St. Paul Observations of Pre-Biotic Chemistry Glen Langston GB
Shannon Ramey West Virginia University Characterization of the Accuracy and Stability of a High-Speed Analog to Digital Converter John Ford GB
Erica Whitfield Southwest Baptist University Numerical Precision Requirements of an All-Pass Digital Filter for Pulsar Applications John Ford GB
Kyle Woolard University of Virginia Observations of Pre-Biotic Chemistry Glen Langston GB
Katherine Wyman Sonoma State University Non-Radial Oscillations in Radio Pulsars Rachel Rosen GB
Bin Chen University of Virginia Studies of Solar and Interplanetary Radio Bursts Tim Bastian CV
Michael Lam Colgate University Exploring Systematic Effects in Millisecond Pulsar Timing Paul Demorest CV
Huilin Li University of Virginia Waveguide Flange Development for Terahertz Detector Technology Tony Kerr CV
Melissa Louie Drew University Searching for Jet-ISM Interactions Around X-ray Binary Systems James Miller-Jones CV
Patrick McCauley James Madison University Locating Star Formation Sites Using K-Doublet Formaldehyde Emission Jeff Mangum CV
Brian Roper Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Dissecting Luminous Starburst Galaxy Mergers Aaron Evans CV
Francillia Samuel DePauw University A Search for Water Maser Emission in the Early Universe Violette Impellizzeri CV
Jennifer Shitanishi California State University Los Angeles Magnetic Fields in Photo-Dissociation Regions Dana Balser CV