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Radio-Image "Movie" of Scorpius X-1

  'Movie' of Scorpius X-1

This is a "movie" of the binary-star system Scorpius X-1, more than 9,000 light-years from Earth. Made using a world-wide collection of radio telescopes, this movie covers 56 hours during June of 1999. The numbers along the edges of the frame are distances in billions of miles. The zero point is the location of the binary-star system containing a superdense neutron star and a "normal" star about the size of the Sun. The original images were made about 50 minutes apart, and additional images were generated by interpolation to produce a movie of 231 frames.

CREDIT: E.B. Fomalont, B.J. Geldzahler and C.F. Bradshaw, NRAO/ AUI/NSF.

Annotated "Guided Tour" Version of the Movie

Quicktime Version of the Movie

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