NRSM Comission J Presentations: 2013

Session EFJ1: Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation and Spectrum Usage
Session J1: New Telescopes, Techniques, and Observations

J1-1: Cutchin: The VLA Low Band System: A New Tool for Exploring the Low Frequency Sky, and Transient Universe

J1-2: Ford: Design of a Multi-Beam Spectrometer for the Green Bank Telescope

J1-3: Bock: The Australia Telescope National Facility - Recent Upgrades and Future Plans

J1-4: Not Presented

J1-5: Beaudoin: The Microwave Receiver Upgrade for the GGAO 12M Geodetic VLBI System

J1-6: Schinzel: Array Configuration and Total Power Calibration for the Large-Aperture Experiment to Detect the Dark Ages

J1-7: Sigel: Deployable Antenna Concepts for the Dark Ages Radio Explorer Mission

J1-8: DeBoer: DACOTA: The Dense Array for Cosmological Transitions

J1-9: Keating: Exploring the Obstacles of CO for Measurements: An Archival Analysis of SZA Data

J1-10: Siemion: Developments in the Radio Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

J1-11: Jones: Practical Application of Cyclic Spectroscopy to Pulsar Signals

Session J2: Timly Technical Tutorials

J2-1: Jeffs: Spatial Array Processing Methods for Radio Astronomical RFI Mitigation

J2-2: Bower: Turotial: New Telescopes, Techniques, and Observations

J2-3: Frail: Short Duration Transients

J2-4: Warnick: Tutorial: Phased Array Antennas for Radio Astronomy

J2-5: Welch: Early Times at a University Radio Observatory New Astronomy and Telescopes and Lessons Learned

Session J3: Detection of Short-Duration Transients

J3-4: D'Addario: An FPGA-Based Back End for Real Time Multibeam Transient Searches over a Wide DM Range

J3-5: Burke-Spolaor: A Year of Commensal Observations with the V-FASTR Transient Detection System

J3-6: Wharton: Search for Scattered Radio Transients in the Galactic Center Using Archival VLA Data

J3-7: Law: Real-Time Radio Transient Detection with Interferometric Closure Quantities

J3-11: Ellingson: Searching for Short Dispersed Pulses with LWA1

Session BJ1: Developments in Array Technology for Radio Astronomy

BJ1-3: Ellingson: Electromagnetic Characterization of the LWA1 Antenna Array

BJ1-4: Hampson: ASKAP Advancements in Beamformer and Correlator Optical Backplane Technology