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2006 NRAO Post Doctoral Fellows Symposium

1003 Lopezville Road
Socorro, NM 87801

Wednesday, April 26 -- Arrival

Wednesday, April 26 -- Evening -- Welcome Reception: NRAO Guest House

Thursday, April 27 -- Talks by current Jansky Fellows and NRAO Postdocs, 25 min each + 5 for Qs.

Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:10a M. Goss Intro & Welcome
9:10-9:45a M. Haverkorn Measuring Magnetic Fields in the Milky Way
9:40-10:10a J-P. Macquart Candles, Caustics and Coallescing Systems
10:10-11:00a Intermission/Coffee Break
11:00-11:30a L. Morgan Triggered Star Formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds
11:30-12:00n A. Remijan Using Interferometric Observations of Large Molecules
to Constrain Models of Interstellar Chemistry
12:00-2:00p Lunch -- AOC
2:00-2:30p V. Fish OH Masers at Very High Spectral Resolution
2:30-3:00p P. Chandra Circumstellar Interaction of Extragalactic Supernovae
3:00-3:30p S. Chatterjee Closing in on Relativistic Winds with the Double Pulsar
3:30-4:00p Intermission/Coffee Break
4:00-4:30p K. Devine Infrared Dark Clouds: Preliminary Results on Their
Properties and Link to Massive Star Formation
4:30-5:00 K. Spekkens Cold Dark Matter and the Kinematics of Massive Spirals

5:30 Catered dinner for NPS attendees -- NRAO Guest House

Friday, April 28 -- Talks by current Jansky Fellows and NRAO Postdocs, 25 min each + 5 for Qs.

Time Speaker Title
9:30-10:00a D. Whysong Spitzer Observations of FR-II Radio Galaxies and Quasars
10:00-10:30a T. Cheung FIRST 100 Candidate X-shaped Radio Sources
10:30-11:00a Intermission/Coffee Break
11:00-12:00n AOC Colloquium
12:00-1:00p Lunch - AOC
1:00-1:30p J. Aguirre Dust Enshrouded Star Formation in the Millimeter: z = 0 - 3
1:30-2:00p N. Miller Oh, the Things You'll Find
2:00-2:30 Intermission/Coffee Break
2:30-3:00p A. Baker Lyman Break Galaxies at z=0
3:00-3:30p N. Kanekar Using Radio Lines to Probe the Evolution of Fundamental
3:30-3:40p TBD Concluding Remarks

4:00 VLA Tour & Dinner at the "Eagle" in Datil, NM

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