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About the NRAO/AUI Archives

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory/Associated Universities Inc. Archives actively seeks out, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to institutional records, personal papers, multimedia materials, and oral histories of enduring value which document NRAO’s historical development, institutional history, instrument construction, and ongoing activities, including its participation in multi-institutional collaborations. As the national facility for radio astronomy, the Archives also includes materials on history and development of radio astronomy in the United States, particularly if such materials are in danger of being lost or discarded by other institutions or individuals.

The Archives does not include archived observational data from NRAO telescopes, astronomical images, or equipment and instruments. You may search for archived observational data here. Astronomical images may be found in either the NRAO Image Gallery (images added through 2012) or the newer NRAO Multimedia Gallery, which includes some - but not all - images from the Image Gallery. NRAO numbered internal report series, Green Bank workshop proceedings, NRAO reprint series, etc. are included in the Library collection. Other information and links on radio astronomy history may be found here. The Web page for the IAU-URSI Historic Radio Astronomy Working Group is here.

The Archives were started in spring of 2003, and are located at the NRAO offices in Charlottesville, VA.

Please refer to our Archives Policy for more detailed information on collection policy and access, or contact Ellen Bouton, Archivist, at 1-434-296-0203, ebouton_at_nrao.edu. Although many materials on NRAO's history are not yet formally part of the Archives, you are encouraged to contact us with any questions, as the Archivist is aware of the location of many documents at NRAO which will eventually be added to the collection.

We are actively seeking documents which will enhance our collection, and recognize that many pieces of our history may be held by current and former staff, or by non-NRAO people who served on AUI or NRAO boards and committees or were involved in building our instruments. The Archivist will be happy to discuss any potential donations of material.