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Description: In 1964, John Bolton traveled around the world visiting a number of radio observatories. These are copies of his letters to Taffy Bowen, Chief of the CSIRO Radiophysics Lab, which were circulated among CSIRO staff at the time.
Start Date: 1964

Start Date: 1988-00-00

Description: Radiophysics in Exile.
Start Date: 1989

Description: Correspondence between Ken Kellermann and Letty Bolton, wife of John Bolton.
Start Date: 1994

Description: Correspondence between Ken Kellermann and Gordon Stanley about John Bolton.
Start Date: 1995

Description: Material and correspondence re: article written by Kellermann about John Bolton for the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
Start Date: 2006

Description: Biographical material gathered for Bolton's obituaries/memorial services and copies of obituaries and memorial programs.

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