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The VLA was used with Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Space Network in Goldstone CA to track NASA’s Voyager 2 encounter with Neptune in August 1989. This subunit includes correspondence, memos, reports, planning documents, and fly-by timeline from 1982 through 1991 related to the NASA Voyager project. Primary correspondents include Michael Balister, Donald W. Brown, William Brundage, Hein Hvatum, P. T. Lyman, Peter Napier, William Porter, Theodore R. Riffe, Morton S. Roberts, A. Richard Thompson, Paul Vanden Bout, and S. Weinreb. Also included are Voyager Bulletins and VLA-GDSSCC Telemetry Array Project Quarterly Reports, a PR file of clippings and brochures, a VLA-Voyager PR packet, and a DVD of a 5 October 1989 colloquium by Ellis Miner on the Voyager Neptune Encounter.

Collection Items

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports, planning documents, and fly-by timeline from 1982 through 1991
Start Date: 1982-00-00

Description: Timeline of events and activities, 23 June-29 August 1989.
Start Date: 1989-06-23

Description: Journal articles and brochures re Voyager
Start Date: 1989-00-00

Description: NASA packet of Voyager information.
Start Date: 1989-00-00

Description: Slides showing Voyager diagrams and equipment in New Mexico.
Start Date: 1989-00-00

Description: Framed and signed.
Start Date: 1989-08-25

Description: Mounted on wood
Start Date: 1989

Description: Framed. Received for Voyager 2 encounter.
Start Date: 1989-09-14

Description: Mounted on wood. Presented to the NASA/JPL Government-Industry Voyager Telemetry Array Team.
Start Date: 1990-03-16

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