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Description: Includes 1965 memo by Cohen, Jauncey, Clark, and Kellermann, as well as memos and diagrams related to plans for Green Bank-Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory observations.
Start Date: 1965-11-03

Description: Notes, memos, and reports on equipment and usage
Start Date: 1965-10-20

Description: Proposal for a Project in Radio Astronomy
Start Date: 1966-04-00

Description: Notes and memos on equipment and costs for VLBI
Start Date: 1967-06-01

Description: Notes and memos on tape systems and costs for wideband VLBI
Start Date: 1967-10-25

Description: Materials on Honeywell DDP computer purchase
Start Date: 1968-06-28

Description: Correspondence and monthly reports related to Leach Corp. contract for Recorder System
Start Date: 1969-04-23

Description: Instructions, information, and descriptions of recorder system built for NRAO by Leach Corp.
Start Date: 1970-00-00

Description: Correspondence and notes
Start Date: 1971-02-15

Description: Correspondence, observing proposals, materials on Quasar Patrol program
Start Date: 1971-03-16

Start Date: 1973-01-22

Description: Proposal, memos, correspondence re NRAO-Canada satellite linked interferometer experiment
Start Date: 1973-06-29

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