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Description: Scientific appointments, travel, retirement, etc.
Start Date: 1951

Research proposal to the NSF for a Grant in Support of a Feasibility Study of a National Radio Astronomy Facility, 26 July 1954
Description: Richard M. Emberson Principal Investigator; Lloyd V. Berkner, President
Start Date: 1954-07-26

Research Objectives for Large Steerable Paraboloid Radio Reflectors, 22 April 1955
Description: A preliminary report prepared by a panel of Associated Universities, Inc.
Start Date: 1955-04-22

Description: Prepublication version of Nature 178: 232-234, 1956
Start Date: 1956

Description: Filed with document: cover memo from Richard M. Emberson to Alan T. Waterman; cover memo from Richard M. Emberson to AUI Advisory Committee on Radio Astronomy
Start Date: 1956-01-10

Remarks at the Dedication of the George R. Agassiz Radio Telescope, 28 April 1956
Description: At Harvard College Observatory.
Start Date: 1956-04-28

Planning Document for the Establishment and Operation of a National Radio Astronomy Facility : Last Draft, 21 May 1956
Description: Filed with document: cover memo from Richard M. Emberson to AUI Advisory Committee on Radio Astronomy; cover memo from Emberson to Raymond J. Seeger, National Science Foundation.
Start Date: 1956-05-21

Planning Document for the Establishment and Operation of a Radio Astronomy Observatory, August 1956
Description: Prepared for the National Science Foundation by Associated Universities, Inc.; Cover title: Plan for a radio astronomy observatory
Start Date: 1956-08

Contract with AUI for Construction and Operation of the Radio Astronomy Observatory, 17 November 1956
Description: Contract NSF-C50. Photocopy of AUI signed file copy, received from AUI in April 2006. Filed with contract: Amendment no. 1 dated 16 October 1957; photocopy of AUI conformed file copy.
Start Date: 1956-11-17

Signing First NSF/AUI Agreement, 17 November 1956
Description: On 17 November 1956, Lloyd Berkner (Associated Universities, Inc.) and Alan Waterman (National Science Foundation) signed the NSF/AUI agreement establishing the National Radio Astronomy Observatory with AUI as the managing agency. In this NSF…
Start Date: 1956-11-17

Notes on a Visit to the Bonn Radio Telescope, 21 November 1956
Description: Filed with report: 12/10/1956 cover letter from Richard Emberson
Start Date: 1956-11-21

The Research Programs of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1957
Description: "Approved by the Advisory Committee to the NRAO, D.H.Menzel, Chairman."
Start Date: 1957

NRAO Dedication, 17 October 1957
Description: Dedication of NRAO, 17 October 1957. From left: Richard M. Emberson, Lloyd V. Berkner, G. A. Nay, John W. Findlay, Ned L. Ashton, David S. Heeschen, H. Hockenberry, with model of 140 Foot Telescope
Start Date: 1957-10-17

David S. Heeschen to Lloyd V. Berkner, 12 November 1957
Description: Re: visitor programs for the NRAO
Start Date: 1957-11-12

Estimates for Building Furnishings, ca. 1957
Description: Undated; estimated date
Start Date: 1957

M.P.E. Staff Paper, 10 December 1957
Description: Draft
Start Date: 1957-12-10

Electronic Equipment, 16 December 1957
Description: Equipment required for full operation of the 85-foot and 140-foot telescopes
Start Date: 1957-12-16

Feasibility report for the National Science Foundation, 5 May  1955
Description: Regarding site development and building requirements for a national radio astronomy facility
Start Date: 1955-05-05

The New Science of Radio Astronomy, 29 December 1954
Description: Bok's address as retiring vice-president of Section D of the AAAS. Filed with address: reprint of article based on talk in Scientific Monthly 80: 333, 1955
Start Date: 1954-12-29

Radio Astronomy Research in the United States, 11 July 1956
Description: Summary of an address presented at NSF
Start Date: 1956-07-11

National Radio Astronomy Facility Site Development, 20 April 1956
Description: Cost estimates for site development
Start Date: 1956-04-20

Description: Bound volume. Volume also includes guest signature pages for 85 foot dedication on 16 October 1958 and 140 foot dedication on 13 October 1965.
Start Date: 1957-10-17

Description: Notes, correspondence, invitation lists
Start Date: 1957-05-14

Description: Photocopy of New York Times 4 May 1959 articles about Otto Struve's appointment as NRAO Director.
Start Date: 1959-05-04

NRAO Annual Report, 1 July 1959
Description: First Annual Report, transmitted to the AUI Board of Trustees by Lloyd V. Berkner
Start Date: 1959-07-01

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