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Correspondence from H. J. Hoffman to Grote Reber
Description: Machlett Lab reply to GR's letter of 8/4/1950
Start Date: 1950-08-09

Correspondence from Grote Reber to Machlett Laboratories, Inc.
Description: Request for summer 1950 issue of Cathode Press and a ML-280 miniature ceramic lighthouse triodet
Start Date: 1950-08-04

Correspondence from R. E. Nelson to Grote Reber
Description: Information on tubes from Machlett Laboratories
Start Date: 1950-04-19

Correspondence from John L. Reinartz to Grote Reber
Description: Reply to GR's letter of 3/21/1950 regarding the clearance between the anode and cathode of the 2-01C diode
Start Date: 1950-03-24

Correspondence from General Electric Company to Grote Reber
Description: Triode tune E1771 still an experimental type; suggests other types of tubes
Start Date: 1949-06-10

Correspondence from Grote Reber to General Electric Company
Description: Questions about triode tube E1771
Start Date: 1949-06-01

Correspondence from Grote Reber to Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.
Description: Requests information on their rocket tubes
Start Date: 1947-11-19

Correspondence from General Electric Company to National Bureau of Standards
Description: DET22 UHF triode tube info
Start Date: 1947-10-29

Correspondence from Edward Barlow to Grote Reber
Description: Barlow answering for Harrison (GR's letter of 11/17/1945)
Start Date: 1945-11-29

Correspondence from Grote Reber to A. E. Harrison
Description: Klystron tubes used as amplifiers for his work on cosmic static
Start Date: 1945-11-17

Correspondence from H. W. Barber to Grote Reber
Description: "lighthouse" tube development

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