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Augusta County Emergency Communication System Subunit
Description: Documentation, memos, correspondence, observations and calculations regarding radio frequency interference from the Augusta County Emergency Communication System, from 1994 to 1998
Start Date: 1994

Iridium Subunit
Description: Documentation, memos, correspondence, legal matters and observations regarding the radio frequency interference and general legal protest around Iridium, from 1994 to 2004
Start Date: 1994

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1965-06-07

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports
Start Date: 1963-04-08

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1973-01-26

Description: Correspondence, notes, report
Start Date: 1974

Description: Correspondence, memos, notes, newspaper clippings, including 1956 West Virginia Radio Astronomy Zoning Act and 1956 FCC materials
Start Date: 1956

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports, charts
Start Date: 1958-10-24

NRAO Comments to NTIA on Development of a National Spectrum Strategy
Description: Comment to the National Telecommunications and Information Agency on development of a National Spectrum Strategy, submitted for NRAO by NRAO Spectrum Manager Harvey Liszt. The statement was endorsed by the American Astronomical Society.
Start Date: 2023-04-09

Description: Includes Iridium MOU, coordination agreements with Globalstar and Connexion
Start Date: 2001

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1972

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports, newspaper clippings
Start Date: 1974-01-31

Description: Correspondence, reports, FCC filings, agreements
Start Date: 2001

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1965

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1968

Description: Correspondence, notes, reports, charts, photos
Start Date: 1973

Description: Proceedings of the IUCAF Summer School. Edited by B.M. Lewis and D.T. Emerson.
Start Date: 2002-06-09

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1964

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