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The Tape Memo, 18 October 1960
Description: This is an early commentary on data storage at NRAO. This memo, affectionately known as "the tape memo," outlines procedures and protocols for the multiple users who will store files on a recently-purchased MTA-2 magnetic tape.

Thanks to Barry…
Start Date: 1960-10-18

Charlottesville Building, 1966
Description: On 20 December 1965, NRAO took occupancy of the Edgemont Road building in Charlottesville. This photo from 15 January 1966, taken by the construction contractor, R.E. Lee, shows the building at the point that NRAO staff were beginning to move in,…
Start Date: 1966-01-15

Description: Includes blueprints
Start Date: 1972-09-28

Justification for lease of 2551 Ivy Rd.
Description: Includes background materials and discussions, and the 10 July 2003 report of the committee tasked with reviewing space requirements for NRAO Charlottesville facilities.
Start Date: 2002

Start Date: 1984-07-10

Start Date: 1983-11

Start Date: 1981

Start Date: 1973-06-25

Start Date: 1972-08

Start Date: 1966-03-11

Start Date: 1963-08-21

Start Date: 1963-08-21

Charlottesville NRAO Site Proposal
Start Date: 1963-07-18

Start Date: 1963-05-17

Description: Blueprints and office use listings. Also includes notation on planned and accomplished refurbishments, including piping replacements by UVA Facilities.

Installation of new AC systems for Charlottesville computer room, March 2010
Description: Collection of photos and video from the installation. This collection includes almost 90 photos and videos taken during the installation. This record showcases some of the photos and videos as example. All can be accessed at request.
Start Date: 2010-03

Central Development Lab (CDL) moves into former Institute of Textile Technology (ITT) buildings, August-November 2003
Description: Collection of photos from the remodeling and move-in. This collection includes over 100 photos taken over the move. This record showcases some of the photos as example. All can be accessed at request.
Start Date: 2003-08

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