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Collection Items

Description: Maps of potential VLA sites
Start Date: 1955

Description: Original folder labeled as "From D. S. Heeschen's files." Correspondence, memos, notes, maps, VLA Sites Worksheet.
Start Date: 1965-07-20

VLA Site Selection, 1964-1969
Description: Correspondence, maps, blueprints, photos, slides, newspapers, brochures re: choosing the VLA site.
Start Date: 1964-12-04

Description: Correspondence, memos, notes, charts, graphs.
Start Date: 1965-11

Site Development, 1966-1972
Description: Correspondence, contracts
Start Date: 1966-03-15

Description: VLA Report No. 3
Start Date: 1966-05

Description: Includes interim report and sets of site maps for proposed New Mexico, Arixona, and Texas sites.
Start Date: 1966-07

Start Date: 1966-10

Description: Annotated photos.
Start Date: 1966-06-13

Description: Correspondence related to proposed abandonment of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe rail line
Start Date: 1972-02-15

Description: Correspondence; memos; SUBCONTRACT NO.5
Start Date: 1972-04-03

Site Selection and Acquisition, 1972-1980
Description: Correspondence; contracts; maps; diagrams. Also includes informational report by Wilkening and two reprints supplied by NMIMT: Powers - "Basin and Shore Features of the Extinct Lake San Augustin, New Mexico, 1939, and Potter - "Phytosociological…
Start Date: 1972-01-03

Land Acquisition and Landowners, 1972-1980
Description: Correspondence, reports, maps. Includes mention of Ake, Benton, Bruton, Harriet, Major, Taylor, Wellborn. Selected correspondence has been digitized.
Start Date: 1972-04-07

Environmental Impact Statement, 1972-1982
Description: October 1972 Impact Statement (attached), related correspondence, memos, draft revision of Impact Statement dated March 1978.
Start Date: 1972-06-30

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1973

Start Date: 1973

Start Date: 1973-07-24

Start Date: 1974

Description: Correspondence, Request for Quotation, Subcontract VLA-22
Start Date: 1974-01-18

Description: Photos, drawings and report re: earth cracks on the north arm of the VLA
Start Date: 1974

Description: Correspondence and documents related to air strip
Start Date: 1974-04-04

Description: Correspondence, surveys, maps, reviews, reports. Includes "Document Accompanying Request to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for Review of Effect of Very Large Array (VLA) Southwest Arm Construction on Ake Archaeological Site, Catron County,…
Start Date: 1975-06-18

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1977-08-18

Description: Correspondence and photos
Start Date: 1979-10-11

Description: Maps

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