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Collection Items

Description: Correspondence, memos
Start Date: 1963-04-09

Description: Correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, graphs
Start Date: 1963-10-14

Start Date: 1964-09

Description: Correspondence, outlines, proposal
Start Date: 1965-02-01

Description: Correspondence; memos; minutes of meetings; reports; drawings
Start Date: 1965-02-12

Description: Correspondence; reprint: "Single Path Phase Measuring System for Three-Centimeter Radio Waves by Thompson & Vetter Review of Sci Inst vol.29:no.2 (1958); NBS Report 9144 :A Frequency Distribution System with Automatic Compensation for Changes in…
Start Date: 1965-02-16

Description: Correspondence, notes
Start Date: 1965-02-17

Description: Handwritten chronology of NRAO-NSF correspondence regarding the VLA. Compiler unknown; unknown if list is selective or complete
Start Date: 1965-02-23

Description: Correspondence and proposals from C-E-I-R, Inc.; Datatrol Corp.; Control Data Corp.; Computer Applications, Inc.; Radio Corporation of America
Start Date: 1965-03-11

Description: Lab notebook includes general notes, comments, diagrams, calculations
Start Date: 1965-03-31

Description: Subcontract RAP-54 Prime-NSF-C50
Start Date: 1965-07-26

Description: revised 8/20/1965, G.W. Swenson
Start Date: 1965-08-09

Description: List of dates, company, work
Start Date: 1965-08

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1965-09-14

Description: Correspondence, memos, notes, policies related to organizational structure and management. Includes June 1972 draft of "Construction management Plan for the VLA," and 3/1/1976 draft of "VLA Fiscal Manual"
Start Date: 1965-11-10

Description: Subcontract RAP-54
Start Date: 1965-12

Description: Draft
Start Date: 1965-12-10

Start Date: 1966-01

Description: Correspondence; subcontract; "Preliminary Investigation of Substructure Requirements for Very Large Antenna Array"
Start Date: 1966-01-03

Description: Technical Proposal for a 250-foot Diameter Tacking Antenna; correspondence
Start Date: 1966-01-06

Start Date: 1966-01-14

Description: Correspondence; memos; meeting minutes
Start Date: 1966-01-17

Description: Memos, reports
Start Date: 1966-01-25

Description: VLA Report No. 2
Start Date: 1966-01-25

Description: Notes, charts, graphs
Start Date: 1966-01-31

Description: With extensive handwritten annotations
Start Date: 1966-02-02

Description: Letter soliciting proposals
Start Date: 1966-02-04

Start Date: 1966-03

Description: Includes correspondence
Start Date: 1966-03-01

Description: Correspondence; technical proposal
Start Date: 1966-03-07

Start Date: 1966-04

Start Date: 1966-06-14

Description: VLA Report No. 4
Start Date: 1966-08

Description: Correspondence; memos; reports about use of VLA and its value to astronomy
Start Date: 1966-10-24

Description: Correspondence, drawings
Start Date: 1966-10-31

Description: Correspondence, contracts
Start Date: 1966-11

Description: Subcontract RAP-64 Prime-NSF-C50
Start Date: 1966-11

Description: Correspondence; subcontract
Start Date: 1966-12-14

Description: Titles on dividers: Meetings & Notes; Configuration; VLA-RFP-6; Air Conditioning Vertex Room; Mobility; References & Reference Standards; Correspondence; Computer; Servo; Notes & Miscellaneous Records
Start Date: 1967-01

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1967-01-03

A Proposal for A Very Large Array Radio Telescope, January 1967
Description: Includes:
- Vol.1 The VLA Concept, January 1967
- Vol.2 Systems Design, January 1967
- Vol.3, January 1969
- Vol.4, A Proposal for a Very Large Array Radio Telescope, December 1971
- Vol.4-A, April 1972.
Start Date: 1967-01

Description: Correspondence; newspaper clippings; summary; reprints; journal cuts; journals; artists' drawings; photos
Start Date: 1967-02-03

Start Date: 1967-02-03

Description: Correspondence; drafts of RFP
Start Date: 1967-03-01

Description: Letters requesting price and delivery quotes for power amplifier-frequency multipliers and for crystal oscillators
Start Date: 1967-03-09

Description: VLA Antenna Memorandum No. 1 [See also 4/3/1968 memo by A.J. Burford also labeled VLA Antenna Memorandum No. 1]
Start Date: 1967-03-10

Description: Subcontract no.63
Start Date: 1967-04

Description: Includes related correspondence
Start Date: 1967-05-23

Description: Memo to VLA Design Group
Start Date: 1967-06-14

Start Date: 1967-07-01

Description: Correspondence; proposal
Start Date: 1967-07-11

Start Date: 1967-07-18

Ad Hoc Advisory Panel for Large Radio Astronomy Facilities (Dicke Committee), 1967
Description: Correspondence, report of the 1st Ad Hoc Advisory Panel (report dated 14 August 1967), Science article on report
Start Date: 1967-08-14

Description: Contractors information; memos; financial status reports
Start Date: 1967-08-31

Description: Memos, charts, graphs
Start Date: 1967-09-19

Description: In response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-10-18

Description: In response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11

Description: In response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11-10

Description: In response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11-14

Description: Correspondence and proposal in response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11-16

Description: In response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11-17

Description: Includes copy of VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967
Start Date: 1967-11-17

Description: Undated - December 1967? Evaluation of proposals in response to VLA-RFP-3 dated 18 October 1967. Evaluation committee chaired by A.J. Burford

Description: Correspondence; memos; notes; charts; graphs
Start Date: 1967-11-30

Description: Correspondence. Includes Final Report, VLA Computer Study, 1 June 1969, prepared for National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Contract NSF-C50, Subcontract RAP-80
Start Date: 1968-02-20

Description: Correspondence re: VLA-RAP-78
Start Date: 1968-02-26

Description: Correspondence; notes; memos; "Proposal for Operation, Maintenance and Logistics Support Plan for the NRAO VLA Radio Telescope"
Start Date: 1968-02-28

Ad Hoc Advisory Panel for Large Radio Astronomy Facilities (Dicke Committee), 1968-1969
Description: Correspondence, report of the 2nd Ad Hoc Advisory Panel (report dated 15 August 1969). Also included here: Northeast Radio Observatory Corporation: Comparison of Large Spherical and Parabolic Radio Telescopes (March 1968).
Start Date: 1968-03

Description: Rohr Proposal no. AE 1120-1
Start Date: 1968-03-25

Description: VLA Antenna Memorandum No. 1 [see also 3/10/1967 memo by Lee King, also labeled VLA Antenna Memorandum No. 1]
Start Date: 1968-04-03

Description: Prime Contract no. NSF-C50; Subcontract no. RAP-74
Start Date: 1968-04-08

Description: Proposal for Preliminary Design Study; Cost Breakdown
Start Date: 1968-04-16

Description: Correspondence; memos; brochures
Start Date: 1968-04-17

Description: Miscellaneous blueprints: National Construction; Systems Development Laboratory; N.V. Harding
Start Date: 1968-05-06

Description: Includes reports, correspondence
Start Date: 1968-05-10

Description: Reports no.1-6
Start Date: 1968-05-23

Description: Reports; correspondence; notes; blueprints
Start Date: 1968-07-02

Description: Subcontract RAP-79; SDL Report 79-6
Start Date: 1968-10

Description: Notes; memos; position on OVA
Start Date: 1968-10-14

Description: Transcripts; correspondence
Start Date: 1970-01

Description: Correspondence; reports re: VLA
Start Date: 1970-01-28

Description: Request to staff for input. Includes staff comments
Start Date: 1970-10-08

Description: Draft
Start Date: 1970-10-22

Description: In order as filed in notebook: General, Notes, Telephone, Correspondence, Meetings, Contract
Start Date: 1971-01

Description: Correspondence; notes; summaries; computer printouts; newspaper clippings; publicity package 1972-1973
Start Date: 1971

Start Date: 1971-05-29

Description: Correspondence, preliminary draft of proposal, VLA Feasibility Studies
Start Date: 1971-10-07

Description: Correspondence; memos
Start Date: 1971-10-28

Description: Correspondence; reports; memos
Start Date: 1972-01-05

Description: SRI Preliminary Report; correspondence re: report
Start Date: 1972-01-19

Description: Notes; charts
Start Date: 1972-03-13

Spectral Line System, 1972-1990
Description: Memos, meeting notes, reports. The VLA Spectral Line System Draft 10/15/1975; The VLA Spectral Line System - A Progress Report January 1976; Guide for VLA Spectral Line Observers, 1980 & 1990.
Start Date: 1972-03-13

Start Date: 1972-03-16

Description: Correspondence; memos; notes; meeting minutes
Start Date: 1972-03-29

Description: Correspondence, memos, reports
Start Date: 1972-04-11

Description: Correspondence; memos; notes, reports; diagrams
Start Date: 1972-04-18

Description: Correspondence; memos; charts
Start Date: 1972-04-25

Description: Correspondence; memos; meeting minutes; press releases
Start Date: 1972-04-25

Description: Correspondence, memos, specifications related to transporter
Start Date: 1972-05-18

Description: Correspondence, memos, drawings, estimates
Start Date: 1972-05-18

Description: Correspondence, memos, specifications, Request for Quotation RFQ-VLA-12 TE01 Mode Circular Waveguide 11/29/1973
Start Date: 1972-06-06

Description: Correspondence; memos; meeting minutes
Start Date: 1972-08-17

Description: Memos; correspondence; charts
Start Date: 1972-08-28

Description: Correspondence; memos
Start Date: 1972-10-10

Description: Memos and reports of the Technical Evaluation Team, also called the Technical Evaluation Subcommittee, for the VLA antenna contract
Start Date: 1972-10-24

Description: Memos and reports of the Business Proposal Evaluation Team for the VLA antenna contract
Start Date: 1972-10-25

Description: Memos, correspondence, reports
Start Date: 1972-11-03

Description: Update to procedure of 10/24/1972
Start Date: 1972-11-08

Description: Filed with RFP: Addendums 1-8, Information Bulletins 1-8
Start Date: 1972-12-08

Description: Agenda, attendance roster, transcript of technical and business portions of conference
Start Date: 1973-01-23

Description: Includes Subcontract VLA-07: VLA Digital Communication System. The system was also called VLA Monitor and Control System
Start Date: 1973-02-16

Description: Correspondence, memos, meeting notes, RFP for VLA continuum computer, including synchronous and asynchronous. Includes correspondence related to Subcontract VLA-44
Start Date: 1973-02-22

Description: Correspondence re: waveguide installation
Start Date: 1973-04-13

Description: Subcontract No. 5
Start Date: 1973-04-24

Description: Correspondence; memos; Subcontract VLA-6. See also E-Systems Request for Additional Compensation, 10/30/1974
Start Date: 1973-07-31

Description: Memos; correspondence
Start Date: 1973-08-10

Description: SUBCONTRACT NO.5
Start Date: 1973-09-12

Description: Correspondence; newspaper clippings
Start Date: 1973-11-01

Start Date: 1973-11-06

Description: Correspondence, RFQs, contracts
Start Date: 1973-12-06

Description: Correspondence re: RFP-VLA-160
Start Date: 1973-12-07

Description: 5 circuit board samples; dates from chips on boards. Also included are two circuit board drawings
Start Date: 1974

Description: Memos, reports, meeting notes; notes primarily by Hein Hvatum. Meetings variously called VLA computer meetings or VLA software meetings
Start Date: 1974

Description: Correspondence; memos
Start Date: 1974-01-09

Description: Proposed subcontract with covering letter
Start Date: 1974-01-14

Title 1 Engineering Report, VLA Site Facilities Design, 1974
Description: Title 1 Design Report, Very Large Array Project, Magdelena, New Mexico
Start Date: 1974-02-01

Description: Correspondence; drafts; handwritten notes
Start Date: 1974-03-11

Description: Correspondence; license agreement
Start Date: 1974-03-22

Description: Includes information on E-Systems; requests for design drawings from Jodrell Bank, Institute of Astronomy (Torun), Laboratorio di Radioastronomia
Start Date: 1974-03-22

Description: Correspondence; photos
Start Date: 1974-03-22

Start Date: 1974-04-09

Description: Memos; correspondence; Subcontract VLA-29
Start Date: 1974-06-12

Description: Correspondence re: Subcontract VLA-53
Start Date: 1974-06-14

Description: Antenna specifications; correspondence
Start Date: 1974-08-06

Description: Correspondence; charts
Start Date: 1974-09-12

Description: Correspondence; memos; notes
Start Date: 1974-09-30

Description: Compiled volume of materials related to E-Systems request. See also the E-systems 1973-1978 file
Start Date: 1974-10-30

Start Date: 1974-11-20

Description: Correspondence re: Subcontract VLA-65
Start Date: 1974-12-11

Description: Memos; procedures
Start Date: 1974-12-30

Description: Memos, notes, charts, correspondence
Start Date: 1975-01-17

Description: Correspondence, agreements related to VLA track crossings of New Mexico highways
Start Date: 1975-01-21

Description: Correspondence, memos, charts, graphs, Heeschen's speech; 1975 and 1976 hearings
Start Date: 1975-02-14

Description: Reports, correspondence, memos. Includes ERIM proposal for Coherent Optical Processor (May1976), ERIM report on Study for an Optical Processor System for VLA Radiotelescope Data (April 1977), and Optical Processor Review Committee Report…
Start Date: 1975-05

Description: Notes, correspondence, memos
Start Date: 1975-06-03

Description: Correspondence; draft of manual
Start Date: 1975-06-06

Start Date: 1975-07-11

Description: Correspondence; contract; Subcontract VLA-149
Start Date: 1975-09-03

Description: Correspondence re: Subcontract VLA-169
Start Date: 1975-12-04

Description: Correspondence; subcontract; Subcontract VLA-167
Start Date: 1975-12-04

Description: Includes recommendations on pulsar astrometry in Green Bank, with VLA, and VLBI. With covering letter and NRAO response letter
Start Date: 1975-12-12

Description: Correspondence; subcontract; Subcontract VLA-174
Start Date: 1975-12-12

Description: Correspondence; memos
Start Date: 1976-01-06

Description: Correspondence; contract; VLA-177
Start Date: 1976-01-07

Description: Correspondence re: RFP-VLA 146
Start Date: 1976-01-29

Description: Correspondence; memos; finances; construction operations
Start Date: 1976-02-05

Description: Correspondence; contract; VLA-186; VLA-189
Start Date: 1976-02-11

Description: Correspondence; contract; RFP-VLA-190
Start Date: 1976-02-13

Description: Correspondence re: Subcontract VLA-175
Start Date: 1976-02-20

Description: Correspondence; contract; VLA-191; VLA-199
Start Date: 1976-02-27

Description: Blueprints
Start Date: 1976-05-10

Description: Correspondence re: VLA-211
Start Date: 1976-05-12

Description: Correspondence; summaries
Start Date: 1976-06-01

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1976-07

Description: Correspondence; memos; newspaper clippings
Start Date: 1976-11-09

Description: Correspondence; notes, charts; graphs; "Waveguide System for a Very Large Antenna Array" by Weinreb et al
Start Date: 1976-11-09

Description: Memos; report
Start Date: 1977-03-21

Description: Meeting notes. Later meetings were called Test/Observation Coordination Meetings
Start Date: 1977-03-17

Description: Notes, correspondence, lists, schedules
Start Date: 1977-06-10

Description: Includes reports from VLA Reliability/Maintenance Review Committee chaired by Sandy Weinreb
Start Date: 1977-08-17

Description: Correspondence; memos; notes; bids; affidavit
Start Date: 1978-04-07

Description: Memos; bids; IFB-VLA-313
Start Date: 1978-05-04

Description: Correspondence re: VLA-323
Start Date: 1978-06-28

Description: Notes, correspondence, memos
Start Date: 1979-01-18

Description: Correspondence; notes; memos
Start Date: 1979-12-12

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