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ALMA Prototype Antenna Selection, April-August 1999
Description: Memos, reports, correspondence.
Start Date: 1999-04

Description: Revised Best & Final Proposal
Start Date: 1999-11-22

Description: Correspondence, presentations, progress reports
Start Date: 1999

Description: Correspondence, presentation
Start Date: 1999

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 2000

Start Date: 2000-01

Description: Memorandum of Understanding
Start Date: 2000-03-31

Description: Version 3.1
Start Date: 2000-12-13

Start Date: 2000-12-19

Description: Correspondence, reports, specs.
Start Date: 2000

Description: Memos
Start Date: 2000

Description: Meetings, reports
Start Date: 2000

Description: Papers
Start Date: 2000

Description: Proposals, specs, correspondence
Start Date: 2000

Description: Meeting summary, report, project book
Start Date: 2000

Description: Report, design review
Start Date: 2000

ALMA Construction Book, 8 February 2001
Description: Version 4.0
Start Date: 2001-02-08

ALMA Test Interferometer Project Book, 23 February 2001
Description: Version 1
Start Date: 2001-02-23

Description: ALMA Correlator Digital Filter Card
Start Date: 2001-11-07

Description: Version 5.50
Start Date: 2002-02-20

ALMA Antenna Procurement, 2003
Description: Presentations, correspondence
Start Date: 2003

Description: Correspondence, documentation
Start Date: 2003

Description: Correspondence, presentation
Start Date: 2003

ALMA Antenna Procurement, 2004
Description: Correspondence, statements of work, reports
Start Date: 2003

Description: Website, report, presentation
Start Date: 2004

Start Date: 2004-05-25

Start Date: 2004-09-24

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