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Description: Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program and Research Experiences for Teachers Program
Start Date: 2000

Description: Articles by and about program participants.
Start Date: 1987

Description: Estimated date. Copy of completed survey sent to NSF.
Start Date: 1989

Description: Teacher Enhancement proposal to the NSF. Proposal to continue previous grant award.
Start Date: 1989-08

Start Date: 1988

Description: Developed by 1987-1988 participants - draft. Includes 18 activity plans.
Start Date: 1988

Description: Draft. Includes 12 activity plans.
Start Date: 1988

Description: Daily journal of sessions, lecture notes and overlays of faculty, group photo.
Start Date: 1987

Description: Proposal to NSF. Includes correspondence, proposal, reviews, award letters.
Start Date: 1987-02-11

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