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Nan Dieter Conklin portrait
Description: Image courtesy of N.D. Conklin

Nan Dieter Conklin adds Shklovsky's name to the list of Bruce Medalists
Description: Left to right: Prof. D.Ya. Martynov (seated, Director of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute), Prof. I.S. Shklovsky, Nan Dieter Conklin
(Image courtesy of N.D. Conklin)

Nan Dieter Conklin in the Hat Creek control room
Description: Image courtesy of N.D. Conklin

Hat Creek 85-foot
Description: The 85-foot antenna at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, operated by the University of California, Berkeley. Photo credit: A.J. Olson.

Nan Dieter
Description: Harvard graduate student Nan Dieter.

Doc Ewen and Ed Purcell
Description: On 25 March 1951, Harold "Doc" Ewen, working with his Harvard thesis advisor Edward Purcell, made the first observation of HI, neutral interstellar hydrogen, predicted but never before detected. Ewen, as his thesis project, used a horn antenna…

Nan Dieter Conklin's first astronomical plate
Description: Enlargement of the central section of Nan Dieter Conklin's first astronomical plate from Maria Mitchell Observatory. It was a 2-hour exposure with the cluster M11 near the center. The plate, numbered NA 3152, was taken on the night of July 25-26,…
Start Date: 1947-07

Nan Dieter Conklin logbook
Description: Log book recording the first exposure Nan Dieter Conklin took by herself. Entry is at the bottom of the page, dated Friday July 25-26 1947, and carries the initials NR (joined together). Credit: Peter Boyce and Maria Mitchell Association.
Start Date: 1947-07

Dr. Helen Dodson
Description: Helen Dodson Prince is seated at the center with the document in her hand. Her University of Michigan colleague Ruth Hedeman is on the far right, and Harriet Hutzler Malitson, Goucher student and friend of Nan Dieter Conklin is behind Helen Dodson…

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