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Sugar Grove Antenna, ca. 1960
Description: Artist's conception of the US Navy’s proposed 600 foot antenna at Sugar Grove.
Start Date: 1960-05-06

22 Meter Radio Telescope in Crimea, ca. 1970
Description: 22 meter radio telescope in the Crimea, used with the 140 Foot Telescope in Green Bank for the first US-USSR VLBI experiments in 1969
Start Date: 1969-10

Grakovo Radio Observatory, USSR, ca. 1972
Description: Grakovo Radio Observatory, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Academy of Science of Ukranian SSR, Kharkov, USSR
Start Date: 1972-03-16

Radio Astronomical Station of the Lebedev Physical Institute, USSR, ca. 1972
Description: Radio Astronomical Station of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Serpukov, USSR
Start Date: 1972-03-16

Synthesis Radio Telescope, Westerbork, Netherlands, ca. 1972
Description: Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy, Synthesis Radio Telescope, Westerbork, Netherlands
Start Date: 1972-11-30

Unknown Foreign Telescope
Description: Unknown foreign telescope, undated image

Harold "Doc" Ewen and Edward Purcell with Harvard Antenna, 1956
Description: Seventy years ago, on 25 March 1951, Harold "Doc" Ewen, working with his Harvard thesis advisor Edward Purcell, made the first observation of HI, neutral interstellar hydrogen, predicted but never before detected. Ewen, as his thesis project, used a…
Start Date: 1956

Maryland Point 85 Foot Telescope
Description: The results of the first successful use of the NRAO-Cornell independent oscillator-tape-recording interferometer (VLBI) were published in the July 17, 1967 issue of Science by Claude Bare, Barry Clark, Ken Kellermann, Marshall Cohen and Dave Jauncey.…

Description: Box 1 contains the following photos: Nobeyama Radio Observatory (Nobeyama, Japan) Ratan 600 (Zelenchukskaya, Russia) Radio Astronomy Station, Harvard University (Fort Davis, TX) Radio Astonomy Laboratory, University of California (Hat Creek,…

Description: Box 2 contains the following: Brookhaven National Laboratory, AUI (Upton, NY) Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Cambridge (Great Britain) - 2 photos Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories (Jodrell Bank, Great Britain) - 3…

Description: Box 3 contains the following: Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories (Jodrell Bank, Great Britain) Argentine Radio Astronomy Institute (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) Algonquin Radio Observatory, National Research Council (Lake Traverse,…

Description: Box 4 contains the following: Synthesis Radio Telescope, Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy (Westerbork, The Netherlands) Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (Bonn, West Germany) Onsala Space Observatory, Chalmers Institute of…

Description: Box 5 contains the following: Radio Astronomy Station of the Lebedev Physical Institute (Serpukhov, USSR) Naval Radio Research Laboratory (Sugar Grove, WV) Jagellonian University (Cracow, Poland) Stockert Radio Observatory, Bonn University…

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