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42 Foot Telescope, 1966
Description: The 42 foot telescope on a flat car in Bartow WV, 27 July 1966. During planning for what became the VLA, it seemed prudent to show that one could make observations with reasonable phase stability over baselines of 100,000 wavelengths. NRAO bought…
Start Date: 1966-07-27

42 Foot Telescope, 1967
Description: 42 Foot Telescope at Spencer’s Mountain
Start Date: 1967-11-30

42 Foot Telescope, 1966
Description: The 42 Foot portable telescope’s trailer carried the dish as stacked panels and also integrated the telescope’s donut-shaped drive and a small control room. In the mid-1960s, this little telescope served as the fourth, remote member of the Green Bank…
Start Date: 1966-07-20

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