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National Youth Science Camp, July 1963
Description: In front of the Jansky Lab. 1963 was the NYSC's first year, and the camp was for boys only until the mid-1970s.
Start Date: 1963-07-19

Telescope Polarization, 1963
Description: Telescope polarization (image made for Frank Drake)
Start Date: 1963-04-12

Arizona Cactus, 1973
Start Date: 1973-05-24

NRAO Staff Build PAPER Prototype, 2004
Description: "I’ll meet you in your lab tomorrow, and we can get started!" The late Don Backer's comment to Rich Bradley when Backer was in Charlottesville to give the 2003 Jansky Lecture was the start of PAPER - Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of…
Start Date: 2004

Marshall H. Cohen, 2009
Description: Marshall H. Cohen at Caltech, 2009
Start Date: 2009

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