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Description: Exercise book with handwritten notes on science topics, magic tricks, riddles, card tricks, etc. Entries undated; date estimated from two dated drawings inserted in the book.
Start Date: 1936

Description: Miscellaneous clippings not filed by Bracewell with subject or other files. Some clippings undated.
Start Date: 1956

Description: Brief article about Bracewell's ideas on communicating with other worlds, Management Digest [Australia], December/January 1960-1961
Start Date: 1960-00-00

Description: Presented to Professor R.N. Bracewell in recognition of substantial contributions to Astronomy.
Start Date: 1966

Description: Prepublication version of article to appear in Office of Naval Research Far East Bulletin.
Start Date: 1984

Description: Bracewell notes on faculty salary policies.
Start Date: 1991

Description: Autobiographical narrative; does not include publication list.
Start Date: 1992-11-16

Description: Notes for a talk given at the CSIRO Information Technology, Infrastructure and Services Alliance Workshop and Science and Engineering Symposium, Wollongong, 9 May 1996.
Start Date: 1996

Description: Listing of Bracewell's current activities and publications.
Start Date: 1998-03-16

Description: Photocopy of unedited draft of oral history interview with Bracewell on 6/10/2000 for the Oral History Project on eminent Australian Scientists sponsored by the National Library of Australia. Photocopy also includes Bracewell's notes and edits. …
Start Date: 2000-06-10

Description: Bracewell's recollections of his interactions with Oliver.
Start Date: 2005-05-04

Description: Material on Bracewell's book, Trees of Stanford and Environs, published in 2005 by the Stanford Historical Society
Start Date: 1973-00-00

Description: Whimsical drawing by Bracewell. Printout dated 2005.

Description: Volume has note from Harry Minnett to Bracewell tipped inside front cover.
Start Date: 2009

Description: 4-generation family tree, Bracewell's maternal family. Photocopy of original, which was returned to Bracewell family.

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