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Bernard Burke, ca. 1946
Description: Photo taken when Burke entered MIT, ca. 1946.
Start Date: 1946

IAU Symposium #20 on the Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds, March 1963
Description: Possible side trip to Siding Springs. See identifications in second photo.
Start Date: 1963-03

Description: Photos of moon, Venus.
Start Date: 1969

Description: Photos, figures, NASA photos, correspondence
Start Date: 1980-12-03

RadioAstron Meeting, ca. 1980s
Description: Taken at a RadioAstron meeting in or near Moscow, likely in the 1980s.
Front row: Bernard Burke, Robert Preston, Vyacheslav (Slava) Slysh, Nikolai Kardashev
Middle row: [?] Tsaversky, Kenneth Kellermann, Leonid Kogan
Back row: Ivan Pauliny-Toth,…

Description: Photos, newspaper clipping
Start Date: 1985

Description: Diagrams, figures, photo
Start Date: 1990-12

NSF National Science Board, October 1991
Description: Bernard F. Burke is in the back row, 6th from left.
Walter Massey, NSF Director, is in the front row, third from left.
Start Date: 1991-10

RadioAstron RISC Meeting, 11-13 October 1993
Description: See second photo for identifications.
Start Date: 1993-10

Bernard Burke, 1993
Start Date: 1993-08

Bernard Burke, 1995
Start Date: 1995

Bernard Burke at 140 Foot Telescope, September 1995
Description: During the 30th birthday of the 140 Foot Telescope.
Start Date: 1995-09

Bernard F. Burke at the South Pole, 1996
Description: At the South Pole
Start Date: 1996

Description: Undated figure

Description: Undated negative

Description: Undated photo, negatives, slides

Description: Undated figure

Description: Undated diagrams, figures

Description: Undated photos

Description: Undated photos

Description: Undated photos, figures

Description: Undated photos, figures

Description: Includes unidentified photos and
- Rumford Symposium on Recent Developments in the Field of Long-Baseline Interferometry, April 1971
- Colloquium in Armenia, May 1971
- Suta Plateau RadioAstron Meeting, November 1989

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