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Description: Correspondence and other material copied from the NAS Archives, MIT Archives, NRAO and Steven Dick.
Start Date: 1959

Description: Includes list of participants.
Start Date: 1971

Start Date: 1975

Description: Prepared for the Ames Research Center - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, SETI Program Office. John Billingham, ARC, Manager; Robert Edelson, JPL, Deputy Manager; John H. Wolfe, ARC, Program Scientist; Samuel Gulkis, JPL, Deputy Program Scientist.
Start Date: 1980-08-15

Start Date: 1981-08

Description: NASA Technical Paper 2244
Start Date: 1984-01

Start Date: 1997

Description: James Madison University MA Thesis and HIST 673 Paper on SETI
Start Date: 2012

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