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Radio Astronomy from Space Vehicles
Start Date: 1959-10-24

Start Date: 1948-07-01

Start Date: 1937

Start Date: 1952

Start Date: 1949

The Jansky Antenna Replica at Green Bank W. Va:  memorandum for file
Description: Jansky antenna replica
Start Date: 1966-10-03

Description: Reconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank
Start Date: 1963-10-15

Full Sized Replica of Jansky Antenna Completed
Description: Reconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank
Start Date: 1963-10

Calculations, notes, and figures for analysis of low frequency receiver
Description: Low frequency receiver
Start Date: 1960-07-04

Ware Music Master
Description: Descriptive information and notes
Start Date: 1966-06-27

History of Negative Feedback
Start Date: 1960-11-05

Large Mirror Design
Description: Antenna design
Start Date: 1955-03-11

Description: Radio propagation and radio noise
Start Date: 1947-10-20

Quiet Sun; Disturbed Sun
Start Date: 1950-07-09

Variable Radiation
Description: Listing of factors in favor of and against variability of source like sun
Start Date: 1948-12-22

Memorandum on Galactic Radiation
Description: Proposed antenna array for Sterling VA
Start Date: 1948-11-12

Saw Gordon of Cornell at URSI
Description: Brief notes on current work at Cornell
Start Date: 1948-10-08

Memorandum on Cosmic Static
Description: Reber's current ideas
Start Date: 1948-07-01

Description: Note on NY Times report on talk by Seeger at 12/31/1947 AAS meeting
Start Date: 1948-01-01

Visit to Ithaca, New York
Description: Reber's visit to Electrical Engineering School at Cornell
Start Date: 1947-12-18

Visit of Dr. Pawsey
Description: Pawsey's visit to NBS
Start Date: 1947-12-11

Start Date: 1941-10-14

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