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Description: NRAO/ARO collaboration on SIS mixer development
Start Date: 2008

Description: Correspondence, reports
Start Date: 1971-04-21

Description: Correspondence, reports, technical specs and drawings
Start Date: 1973-02-07

Description: Poster announcing series of seminars given by Sander Weinreb at Istituto de Radioastronomia, Bologna, in April 1982
Start Date: 1982-04

Description: Primarily correspondence with NSF requesting waivers
Start Date: 1979-01-12

Description: Collaborative Special Project application. Material related to Weinreb's participation in formal evaluation of J.L. Yen's proposal for Technical Developments for the Canadian Long Baseline Array.
Start Date: 1982-02-12

Description: Includes University of Virginia proposal to NSF for the Center, summary of plan for cooperation between UVa and NRAO for the proposed Center.
Start Date: 1987

Description: Notes and accompanying documentation on history and evolution of Electronics Division and Central Development Lab, prepared by archivist Ellen Bouton in response to a request in 2014 from Shing Kuo Pan, returned by Pan to the Archives in 2022.
Start Date: 1959

Central Development Lab Report, 20 January 1989
Description: Report by Mike Balister to ADs, engineers, and staff scientists on work currently going on at Central Development Lab.
Start Date: 1989-01-30

Description: Correspondence and reports.
Start Date: 1977

Start Date: 1972

Description: Correspondence and reports
Start Date: 1969

Description: Reports on contract work
Start Date: 1976

Description: Erskine consulting agreement for cryogenic installation at VLA and for 36 foot in Tucson.
Start Date: 1973-05-11

Description: Includes notes on 85 foot, interferometer, 140 foot, 300 foot, 36 foot
Start Date: 1964-05-12

History of Technology Development at NRAO, October 2011
Description: Timeline type listing through October 2011 of developments in telescopes and optics, receivers, signal processing, and software.
Start Date: 2011-10-28

Description: Correspondence and reports, many by John Payne
Start Date: 1970

Description: Cost estimate for expansion
Start Date: 1972-12-27

Description: Consulting contract with Raymond Chiao
Start Date: 1976

Description: Correspondence with Pierre Kaufmann, Universidad Mackenzie, Brazil
Start Date: 1970-05-07

Description: National Radio Astronomy Observatory Technical Note No. 1
Start Date: 1958-03-24

Description: Correspondence with various MPIfR staff regarding meetings, loan of equipment, and other topics.
Start Date: 1971-06-01

Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP) Project MOU, 10 November 1999
Description: Signed copy of MOU between NRAO and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to transfer section 1448B of the MAP wafer to NRAO. File includes other Microwave Anisotropy Project materials, 1995-1997.
Start Date: 1995-11-21

Description: Correspondence, materials from Weinreb's membership on NFRA's Foreign Advisory Committee, 1970-1975, 1980.
Start Date: 1970

Start Date: 1971-02-19

Description: Includes pulsating source receiver log for 9/24/1968-12/31/1970.
Start Date: 1968

Start Date: 1969-10-28

Start Date: 1969

Description: Report
Start Date: 2007-05

Description: Review of UVML-CDL partnership
Start Date: 2016-04-15

Description: Correspondence
Start Date: 1971

Description: Measurements of atmospheric attenuation at 1 millimeter and a description of a portable spectral hygrometer.
Start Date: 1965-09

Description: Includes early electronics diagrams for switches, modulators, receivers.
Start Date: 1963

Description: Work done by NRAO for others, contracted or proposed
Start Date: 1997

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