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ALMA Board Meeting, 24-25 February 2003
Description: Documents for board members, agenda, meeting minutes, summary of actions, presentations and notes. Includes Quarterly Report Ending December 2002 and ALMA Project Plan (10 February 2003).
Start Date: 2003-02-24

Description: Agenda, notes, and Report of the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee (April 2003).
Start Date: 2003-04-29

Description: Correspondence, financial reports, reports regarding Japanese participation in ALMA, and meeting minutes
Start Date: 2003-05-26

Description: Documents regarding Japanese participation in ALMA.
Start Date: 2003-06-12

Description: Notes of June 12 teleconference, agenda, correspondence.
Start Date: 2003-07-03

Description: Agenda and notes.
Start Date: 2003-08-07

Description: Notes.
Start Date: 2003-09-25

Description: Agenda, minutes, notes from AMAC meeting in October 2003 and summary of conclusions and actions.
Start Date: 2003-11-03

Description: Minutes
Start Date: 2003-12-04

Description: Minutes, time allocation report.
Start Date: 2004-01-29

Start Date: 2005-02

Description: Minutes for the 6-8 April 2005 ALMA Board Meeting in Pasadena, CA.
Start Date: 2005-04

Description: Minutes for the 1-2 November 2005 ALMA Board Meeting in Santiago, Chile.
Start Date: 2005-11

Description: Minutes for the 22-24 March 2006 ALMA Board Meeting in Kyoto, Japan.
Start Date: 2006-03

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