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Description: Correlator System for the Very Large Array Radio Telescope, by Escoffier and Broadwell
Start Date: 1983-01-00

Description: Architectural Design for the VLBA Correlator
Start Date: 1985-04-00

Description: Second VLBA Correlator Design Review, 27 June 1989.
Start Date: 1987-00-00

Description: EVLA WIDAR Correlator Preliminary Design Review, July 11-13, 2005
Start Date: 2005-07-11

Description: MMA Internal Project Review, Tucson, 27-29 July 1998
Start Date: 1998-07-27

Description: Early card and hardware documentation
Start Date: 1999-00-00

Description: ALMA Correlator chip bid process: ALMA 4096 Lag Correlator ASIC
Start Date: 1999-07-28

Description: ALMA Correlator Test Fixture Design Documents
Start Date: 2001-00-00

Description: ALMA Correlator PDR, January 2000
Start Date: 2000-01-00

Description: ALMA Correlator DTS Simulator Design Documents
Start Date: 2002-00-00

Description: Workshop on ALMA Second Generation Correlator, ESO, Garching, 26-27 March 2002
Start Date: 2002-03-26

Description: ALMA Baseline Correlator Cost Estimate
Start Date: 2003-12-11

Description: ALMA Correlator Station Card Test Fixture Documents
Start Date: 2004-00-00

Description: ALMA ACR PDR documents
Start Date: 2005-00-00

Description: ALMA Correlator schematics

Description: ALMA Correlator system logic cards

Description: Correlator chip and card samples, designed by Escoffier

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