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Description: Color prints and slides of the Fast Pulsar Search Machine (FPSM) at Arecibo in the late 1980s.
Start Date: 1980

Description: Group photos from the following conferences: IAU Symposium 110, 1983; NATO ASI-CESME, 1988; High Velocity Neutron Stars & Gamma Ray Bursts, March 1995; IAU Colloquium 160, January 1996; and undated/unidentified meetings.
Start Date: 1983

Description: Unidentified color photographs, probably from Berkeley astronomy class. Don Backer included in some photos.
Start Date: 1998

Don Backer Photographs
Description: Photos of Don Backer and others. Includes photos taken at the IAU Symposium (1988), NATO ASI-CESME (1988), in China, at work and elsewhere.

Pulsar People Photographs
Description: Mostly undated and unidentified color photographs that appear to be taken at a conference. Identified people in photos include Helen Johnston, Joe Taylor

Description: Color prints and slides of telescopes from around the world, including: VLBI, Hatcreek, Green Bank, Jodrell Bank.

Description: Misc figure negatives

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