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Start Date:1956
Location:Cambridge, MA
People:Drake, Frank D.
Howard, William E., III
Lilley, A. Edward
Menon, T. Kochu
Heeschen, David S.
Ewen, Harold I. (Doc)
Connelley, Mary
Bok, Bart
Creator:Papers of David S. Heeschen
Series:Photographs Series
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:Color print
Description:Back row: Frank Drake, Bill Howard, Ed Lilley, T.K. Menon, Dave Heeschen. Front row: Harold Ewen, Mary Connelley, Bart Bok Photo taken by Frank Edmondson in the fall of 1956 prior to lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club.
Start Date:1963-11-00
Location:Cambridge, MA
People:Weinreb, Sander
Barrett, Alan H.
Meeks, M. Littleton
Henry, John C.
Creator:Papers of Sander Weinreb
Series:MIT Series
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:B&W print
Description:First radio astronomy detection of hydrogen-oxygen combination [OH, hydroxyl] in interstellar space was accomplished by four MIT scientists with key support from US Air Force. Left to Right: Dr. Sander Weinreb of Lincoln Laboratory; Professor Alan H. Barrett of the Research Laboratory of Electronics; Dr. M. Littleton Meeks and Mr. John C. Henry of Lincoln Laboratory. [show more]
Location:Cambridge, MA
Creator:Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III
Series:Working Files Series
Unit:Individuals Unit
Type:Oral History
Original Format of Digital Item:Audio cassette tape
Description:Arthur Edward Lilley, 1928-2020. Interviewed 14 August 1979 at Harvard, length of interview: 60 minutes.