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Start Date:1956-03-06
People:Barrett, Alan H.
Creator:Papers of Alan H. Barrett
Series:Photographs Series
Type:Still Image
Description:At the U.S. Naval Research Lab, 6 March 1956
Start Date:ca. 1958
People:Barrett, Alan H.
Creator:Papers of Alan H. Barrett
Series:Photographs Series
Type:Still Image
Description:At University of Michigan
Start Date:1963-11-00
Location:Cambridge, MA
People:Weinreb, Sander
Barrett, Alan H.
Meeks, M. Littleton
Henry, John C.
Creator:Papers of Sander Weinreb
Series:MIT Series
Type:Still Image
Original Format of Digital Item:B&W print
Description:First radio astronomy detection of hydrogen-oxygen combination [OH, hydroxyl] in interstellar space was accomplished by four MIT scientists with key support from US Air Force. Left to Right: Dr. Sander Weinreb of Lincoln Laboratory; Professor Alan H. Barrett of the Research Laboratory of Electronics; Dr. M. Littleton Meeks and Mr. John C. Henry of Lincoln Laboratory. [show more]
Start Date:1961-05
Location:Green Bank, WV
People:Getmansev, G.G.
Haddock, Fred T.
Wade, Mary Jane
Edmundsen, S.
Minkowski, Rudolph
Vitkevitch, Victor V.
Struve, Otto
Sorochenko, R.L.
Keller, G.
Kuzmin, A.D.
Bracewell, Ronald N.
Drake, Frank D.
Wade, Campbell M.
McClain, Edward F.
Samanyan, V.A.
Kalachev, P.D.
Stanley, Gordon J.
Barrett, Alan H.
Weaver, Harold F.
Swenson, George W., Jr.
Mayer, Cornell H.
Heeschen, David S.
Kraus, John D.
Field, George B.
Menon, T. Kochu
Seeger, Charles L.
Woltjer, L.
Sandage, Allan R.
Lilley, A. Edward
Blaauw, A.
Kahn, F.D.
Burke, Bernard F.
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:Conferences, Symposia and Lectures Unit
Subunit:Miscellaneous Meetings Subunit
Type:Still Image
Description:Attendees at USA-USSR Radio Astronomy Symposium, Green Bank, 15-19 May 1961. Seated left to right: G.G. Getmansev, F.T. Haddock, M.S. Wade, S. Edmundsen (interpreter), R. Minkowski, V.V. Vitkevitch, O. Struve, R.L. Sorochenko, J.W. Firor, G. Keller, A.D. Kuzmin, R.N. Bracewell, F.D. Drake. Second row: C.M. Wade, E.F. McClain, V.A. Samanyan, P.D. Kalachev, G.J. Stanley, A.H. Barrett, H.F Weaver, G.W. Swenson Jr., C.H.Mayer, D.S. Heeschen, J.D. Kraus. Third row: G.B. Field, T.K. Menon, C.L. Seeger, L. Woltjer, A.R. Sandage, A.E. Lilley, A. Blaauw, F.D. Kahn, B.F. Burke. Absent from photo: G.R. Burbidge, J.W. Findlay, C.R. Lynds. [show more]